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Started by spycker, May 27, 2013, 08:17:06 AM

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i will never stay here next year and i suggest people whom are, to aleast have 3 people in their group and no maximum than that.
first off, the rooms are the size of a jail cell basically only two people get to sleep on the huge " queen bed "
you can hear the people humping off in the room next door and the others talking loudly in the other.
the hotel has a nice history behind it but i think it should be targeted toward the more older folk honestly
FREE WIFI but the speed is that of DSL. parking here is outrages $29 a day. also, i was told i will get charged a room cleaning fee
if the room has garbage in it and i wont get my deposit back since i checked out a day early....rating of the hotel 2/10


fairmont and the hyatt were good, liked the hyatt more because of the complimentary internet/toiletries/breakfast


I always stay at a different hotel for Fanime each year. I have yet to use the Saint Claire though, thanks for the heads up on pricing! The pricing is what concerns me really. Being able to hear people talking and having moments where those Kaiba Condoms LittleKuriboh was selling are needed generally occur in most hotels. People are loud and enjoying themselves in their own way. If the noise is a true bother to you though, you could issue a complaint to the front desk during your stay for future reference.


I assume all rooms are going to be small so its never a surprise to me. The queen beds were the correct size though(I know cause its what I have at home) Loud neighbors can be very annoying but I guess I got lucky in that the rooms around mine quieted down later at night.

29 for parking? I recall them only charging us 18/night, still a lot but at least you get in and out privileges. The didn't tell us about a cleaning fee either so I don't what thats about and we had garbage in our room everyday.....didn't see anything on our check out receipt though. In general I would stay again just because its close and doesn't take an hour to get downstairs on check out day unlike Marriott or Hilton. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience though.


You were ripped off if you were charged $29.  Con rate parking was $18 for the Sainte Claire.
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I stayed at the Saint Claire....and while I agree that the walls were thin (could hear folks in the next room like I was in their conversation) I loved the free wifi (this is rare...I travel a lot for work and most places charge $10 per day) and the location basically next to the convention center.  Did anyone else have a mural on the ceiling of their bathroom?  That was so swag.  Plus the minifridge, which was a nice surprise. 

I parked 2 blocks away for the entire weekend for FREE....really there''s no need to use the hotel's valet with all the parking available in SJ.  Only downside was moving stuff to/from the car but it was only 2 blocks so no big deal, all things considered.

Anyhow 9/10 would stay again, especially for that price.
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I didnt use the valet parking but that was ridiculous and i didnt get a minifridge but that mural in the bathroom was " LOL "
its like when youre taking a number 2, here I COME JESUS!


You didn't use Sainte Claire's valet parking?  I'm guessing you merely saw what it could be, yes?  If so, then it's not a fair thing to complain about since the price you saw is not what attendees actually paid.

Sucks you didn't have a minifridge :(.  Those are very useful.  It's one of the things I enjoy about Hilton is that all rooms have one without having to request it or get lucky.
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Kender, the workers told me $29 to use it, I told them what about Fanime pricing? they were like what about it? he said I didnt get no discount! im like wow wtf?


I've stayed at this hotel during 2008 and 2009 and the rooms are way too small.
The single is a tiny cubicle and the doubles have just enough space to be called cozy.

It's an outdated hotel with no garage and I would suggest the Hyatt if you want to stay somewhere close but not connected to the Con's craziness.

I'd give it a 6/10 since I enjoyed my stay in '08 but had a terrible experience in '09.

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Sadly not all hotel workers are in the know about such things.  It would have shown up properly on your bill statement.  Heck, I dealt with a moron at Hilton who wasted my time asking three times if I needed keys (this was hours after I checked in) when I was just trying to get a friend's parking dealt with.  And I do mean wasted as I found out at check out that although he took down all the payment information that he still charged all parking to my card.  I knew I should be worried when he tried to switch the hotel bill and incidentals to my friend's card and could not seem to grasp the phrase "I checked in already" =/.

But yeah, you're going to find many hotel workers do not know about specially negotiated rates.  It will show up properly on your bill, however, and if it doesn't, then it's something you take up with housing to have fixed.  I'm sorry you ran into some of those individuals who gave you false information.
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I stayed in the hotel de anza. I have stayed in the saint claire though it was the super sweet that was huge . It was like 2 year ago though XD. Anyways For where I stayed it was pretty nice.  We had a mini fridge, raid the pantry and $20 overnight parking. It was a 5 min walk but it was nice and quiet hotel. I know there were other people across and near by my room that attended the con but I couldn't hear any of them. Plus we had free wifi.


Stayed at the Sainte Claire this year. Room was really small plus there was no mini frig. Strongly considering the Hyatt (free wifi and complimentary breakfast) along with the Hilton and Fairmont for next year. Plus, after the Hilton, its the next closest hotel to the late night dancing.


hell! i wont be staying there ever again! anyone know the name of the hotel down the street to your left? like you come out of the convention center and you walk to your left and its down the street, cant seem to find it


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If you walk out the front entrance and go to the left, that's the Hilton. If you exit on the Marriott side and go left, that's the Fairmont.