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Started by nemuneko, May 29, 2013, 01:27:41 PM

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In the spirit of the post, I will say as someone who will no longer be in my 30s at the next con:
When I went to the con in the late 90s <- it was totally different...being an outsider to the culture I didn't like the lack of industry presence, the weird selections in video programming, smaller dealer presence....

When I started going to the con again in 2006 I was amazed at how it had morphed into more of a community based con(more of a con on cons rather than con on anime) had a summer camp feel to it, which makes it unique.

Being older, I decided to staff, which gave me yet a completely different perspective...and I encourage you to try volunteering or staffing if you are still searching for a reason to attend.

FanimeCon continues to grow and there's no reason why you can't create a panel or meetup for the older generation...perhaps something like "Why am I over 30 and still at Fanime?"


I'm only in my early 20s, have been attending Fanime since 2009, and yet I feel "too old" since I can't relate to most people my age and younger, in general, and at Fanime. I've always attended Fanime alone, which may be why I don't experience the same zest as other con-goers of my demographic. I'd love to connect with older and young mature fans in the future, though!


I'm 33, 34 in October, and I've been attending Fanime Con for a really long time *points at signature*.  I can't say I ever really feel too old or out of place, yet.  I still look somewhat youthful if I've shaved, and most think I'm in my mid to late 20's.  Looks aside, a person's mentality also is a factor.  Fanime is like freedom from my regular "adult world" grind, and time to enjoy myself with my favorite hobby.  I don't really see it as a kids thing.  The only event I don't regularly attend is the dance, and that has always been true as I'm not much of a dancer and the B.O. levels become intolerable in there and not because I think I'm too old for it.

I guess if one thing does make me feel my age it is when I see anime I grew up with in the 80's and 90's rarely represented in cosplay, and I see more and more things I have no clue what they are.  Otherwise, I'm right there with everyone 10+ years younger than me, enjoying the con.
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Oh god, the music was terrible. It was some mix of top 40s crap mixed with EDM beats. I like top 40s, I like EDM, but together it sounded like a mess. The DJ was terrible and kept screwing up the tempo. First it's slow, then it's fast. I really hope they're not getting paid for this.

right? though i was happy with some DJs. Dark0 who plays happy hardcore threw in some anime OST remixes which were legit in my opinion. Dj Blurr played some music that clicked with me because it was old school music i listened to when i was younger.

but on sunday when i walked in and heard this top 40 crap, i might as well have just gone up to my hotel room, turned on the radio, and danced there x.x   

AT LEAST i didnt hear any justin beiber this year....thank god


Quote from: nemuneko on May 30, 2013, 11:24:04 PM
I think having a meet-up or panel for older fans next year would be awesome. Has Fanime done this in the past?
There was an "Anime Fans Over 30" panel at FanimeCon from at least 2007-2010. I suspect that the person who started this would be happy if someone else continued this in the future.

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Quote from: nemuneko on May 29, 2013, 01:27:41 PM
While I love anime, manga, and video games, I feel like over these past couple of years that I've gotten too old for anime conventions (I'm almost 30, by the way). This year's Fanime made me feel especially out of place with all the teenagers and people in their early 20s around. Some of these people (not everyone, but quite a few) have the maturity levels of 5-year-olds, also, which doesn't help.

I remember back in the day (the 90s, mainly) when these conventions were full of people (mainly men) in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. I was in the minority as a kid/teenage girl going to cons. Now it's mainly teenagers everywhere. I just can't relate to the fandom anymore. Times change, I know, and anime has become much more mainstream. But boy, do I feel old and out of place sometimes.

So how old is everyone out there? Any people in their late 20s or 30s (or older) still attending anime conventions? Has your enjoyment of cons diminished over the years? When do you think you'll stop attending?
you and i are the same person. it's as if i wrote that myself.

what keeps me going at cons now is keeping myself busy, either by staffing or contributing to events or other activities. i meet up with friends i've known for a while and that keeps my attention away from the juvenile attendees. i attend cons for the events, not so much for the "kids". :)

I third that!

The sad thing is that a very large part of why Fanime is my favorite con is because the kids ( and even more sad, the adults) are soo much more immature than the ones here in WA or even Ore.

Visit the forums for SC or KC and you will notice that 90perc. Of the threads is someone whining about how they except everyone to adhere to their ' special needs/ interests' It really ruins ....everything.