Post-Con Depression (PCD) How are you coping with it?

Started by yggdrasilsys, May 29, 2013, 05:39:32 PM

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Fanime is over and reality sucks, I miss hanging around cosplaying as my favorite anime/game character in a crowded convention where everyone is doing the same and all is friendly. What is there to do that can satisfy in the same way

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I always like to watch all the videos posted to relive the con experience. Also look into cosplay gatherings during the year. There was one in the winter time last year in Christmas In The Park, and also a spring gathering before Fanime started.


After working many many hours from Tuesday Evening - Monday Evening I was ready for con to be over and got over my PCD with copious amounts of sleep.
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^sounds good.

I'm sorting through the photos I took this year. Not many, but in need of organizing.
Of course, like the other years I've gone, I'm listening to the MusicFest set list playlist I made on iTunes.
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Working so much at my day job I barely have time to think about it (and making up the hours I missed Friday).  That, and cleaning up the mess that is the post-con condition of our basement.

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Still trying to sleep off the last dregs of what I refer to as a 'convention hangover'- the exhaustion, sleep-deprivation, and soreness from entirely too much physical activity. ;) Thinking of a marathon viewing of one of my favorite anime series to help recover here!
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I've got some of the Post Con Blues. I'm starting on watching a couple anime that I haven't seen before (Space Battleship Yamato and Sakura Wars) and looking for new-to-me manga to start. I'm not over it, but I think this will help.
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I got hit with it hard. No money to spend on anything, and not being able to go to AX or Sac-Con/Anime like I had planned to makes me more and more like Mr. Ikari.

On the plus side, I am catching up on nerd stuff, like Attack on Titan, going to catch with somewhat old nerd stuff, like Durarara/Baccano, and about to jump into old anime, like Cobra and Harlock.


none, just anticipating the next one, Kintoki Con!

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Went back to work and starting to inventory what I got and update my collection website.
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There is always another anime convention coming up.  Although I have scaled back now, from 2008 to 2010 I attended an average of seven anime conventions a year.

Compared to all other conventions, I do not become depressed after Fanime.  This is because Fanime is four days long.  I always attend the swap meet on day zero.  That adds up to five consecutive days of anime related activity.  Fanime is a very satisfying convention.

At my home town, I serve on the staff of my local anime convention.  This means I attend their planning meetings, once a month.  For some of you, this may be a good way to stay involved with the anime fandom.  You can also learn some skills or acquire experience that will help you develop as a person.


Well it's pretty easy for me. Right before fanime I had to start moving to my new apartment (will not rant about how mad I was) so during Fanime was my "forget about all my worries" time and then returning I had to go back to work Tuesday morning and have since still been working on moving out. So I'm overly busy, too much to do to be depressed about Fanime being over, which is almost sad in itself.
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Working tends to drill it out of you a bit, but a lot of introspection about Fanime has ended my PCD with a new lease on life, Fanime is not something constrained to the San Jose Convention center,

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It lives on, in our hearts.


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Fanime and FanimeCon can be considered different. Fanime is the union we share through social media and friendly gatherings all year round as fans of anime, hence Fanime. FanimeCon is the actual event.

(That made almost no sense whatsoever)


This year wasn't that good so getting over my PCD was very easy; I'm more dissapointed than depressed.

Besides that, I got work and have to plan for Expo.

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I have zero pcd, mostly just sore from all that faceplams due to poor management of fanime.

Then again I don't go to fanime for high quality guests, panels, and video programing. I go to Anime Expo for that.
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Working and cleaning up the mess left over from working on cosplays. Not much PCD this year as previous years. Going to load/upload photos, bookmark artists, and any other fanime related activities when I have time. Then, start on my pet projects & watercolors again. And watch/read my backlog of anime/manga.
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You people talking about going to Anime Expo makes me even more depressed, I have zero money and no one to share a room with to get down there. >:C


Quote from: JackMackerel on May 30, 2013, 06:02:17 PM
You people talking about going to Anime Expo makes me even more depressed, I have zero money and no one to share a room with to get down there. >:C
think of it this way, atleast your saving your money and not supporting a corrupted shitty con :DD

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