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uh....? (newbie to the series here)

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I know absolutely nothing about Homestuck. Anyone wanna give a layout/links about this? Why is it so popular? How many characters are there? Why is it so popular? Where did all this fandom come from?                Just what is this and what's going on?!!!

its basically a boring "webcomic" that bored me throught the first few pages, people will urge you to wait till the third or later chapter and say it will get better. -__-

Yuu- pon:

--- Quote from: Rhornez on May 29, 2013, 07:53:15 PM ---its basically a boring "webcomic" that bored me throught the first few pages, people will urge you to wait till the third or later chapter and say it will get better. -__-

--- End quote ---

hehe, my boyfriend who reads it off and on just walked by and saw this. His response was " Yep, that's pretty much it.

From what I've read read and he's explained  it's one of those " This series is boring how do we fix it?" " I know! Time travel/ overly convoluted pardoxes that add an extra 500 hundred characters are always cool!"

 My opinion of it: Eh, better than all the MOE crap thats come out by the truck load these past few years.

It's a webcomic which can be read on this site:
The rough story is about one kid named John Egbert who has a group of friends who all play a video game that brings about the destruction of Earth. Along the way they encounter aliens called trolls and cooperate to find a way to get a "good end" to the game.

I've been a fan of Homestuck since late 2010 and a Homestuck cosplayer since early 2011 so I've seen the fandom develop quite a bit and I honestly don't understand exactly why it's so popular (I think a lot of the humor in it speaks to a specific niche) but there are a few things that definitely contribute to its popularity:

* Relatable Characters
There are a ton of characters (I don't have a specific number of how many but there are over 60 characters easily) that have individual personalities and are well-rounded and as a result it's really easy to find someone you can identify with.
* Flash Animations
One thing that really sets Homestuck apart from the majority of other (web)comics out there is its use of Flash and HTML5 animations and minigames to supplement the story (the longest animation clocking in at over 13 minutes!), adding a very dynamic element to the storytelling.
* Fandom Feedback
The webcomic itself started by taking prompts from forum members, adding an element of fan-to-creator relation that isn't present in a lot of media. While the fandom is too unwieldily to solicit direct prompts from, the author sometimes inserts references to fan creations into the comic, which is definitely a source of validation for fans.
It definitely starts off slow! It took me a couple tries to get into it honestly and that seems to be a common thing that most people getting into it face.
If you want to check this sort of thing out, I'd highly recommend reading the previous adventure, Problem Sleuth, which is about 6x shorter than Homestuck but has a great story and serves as a good introduction to what this is about. (I actually like Problem Sleuth WAY more than Homestuck to be honest)
It does tend to be convoluted, especially lately, but overall it's something I've enjoyed.

I'm tired so I can't think of anything else but I'd be happy to answer any more questions.

So, like Final Fantasy, Naruto, Bleach, Hetalia, Battle Royale, etc., do you see this as a trend for FanimeCon? or a long-term thing here to stay?

Of course, cosplay-wise, we still get the classic Eva plug-suits, super saiyans, etc...


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