greatest idea...Line Con 2013 shirtsi

Started by clawmaster, May 30, 2013, 09:12:04 PM

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so I wasn't sure where to post this, but my friend made these awesome shirts of Line con 2013. Its a really great idea, I am tempted to get on myself. so yea get your "I survived Line con 2013"

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I know Jace. Tell him the line wasn't(for the most part) staff's fault.     Though this idea is funny, it doesn't help with people's being upset about it.

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Like people would forget, but who wants to be reminded of this?
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Mi Feng

I prefer, "I survived the 2013 Fanime Masquerade"


Available from Cafe Press

If someone designs a good LineCon logo, upload the design to Cafe Press. Then anyone can order it, and the designer gets some money back. They make lots of merch, from T-shirts to bags to water bottles, and you can order any item with any logo. A LineCon water bottle would even be useful.

Admiral Donuts

I made a joke about snake. Someone could use that maybe.