Super, Ultra, Omega, Impossible to find, item!

Started by StarGeno, May 23, 2004, 12:19:13 AM

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I have been looking for a statue of Kid from the video game Chrono Cross.  Has anyone ever seen this item at a past Fanime convention, or know of any merchants that might be selling one?

KimaLucifer you'd prolly find a gabillion stores that sell them. You just have to look and not depend on us to find the site for you.

oh yeah. and THEN check if that company is going to fanime if you can't buy things online.
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im looking for a 20th anniversary macross watch the b style


Looking for Tsukihime stuff...

and some guilty gear merchandise/disgaea/maburaho/kimi ga nozomu eien...

Akito Starwind

I want the Noir watch.
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I want you to be able to find these items at  Fanime!  However, where are these dealers?  Oh where can they be?  Help us out!

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i havent seen a figure of the many character from chrono cross in about....oh 5 - 6  years.

Anime Palace has Tsukihime (and fate stay/night) stuff along with palm disgaea figures (i should know i bought a box). go ask the anime palace dude.


any Legend of Zelda figurines? D= i went to that dealer who LOTS of different kinds yet still couldn't find it... are there such thing? xD
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Quote from: "serajwl"EBAY!!!!!!!!!!

I so dont remember posting this. Wtf.

And I'm Looking for an Axel statue.. part of that HUGE series of disney/KH characters in statue form. I found one website that had every single one, but I cant seem to locate it again =/


I doubt this would be the right area to ask but since I have no other clue where to ask, here it goes.......

Anyone know of any dealers or any other cons that carried or will carry any Kinnikuman merch (other than one set of blind box figures)? Since there is a book (this one: ) that was mentioned on a Kinnikuman message board last year. The downside is that the book was released about 3 years ago, so I fear that this will be impossible to get outside of ordering online. But this book would be something I'd like to own.