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Started by limDsage, August 06, 2013, 10:27:01 PM

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Inspired by DnD, the purpose of this game is to gather a number of people and have you guys go through a journey together. I will be improvising along the way and make the situations as reasonable as possible. Here's how the mechanics of the game will be:

- I'll do a layout of the journey, it's situations, battles, and more.

- Players can choose to these different classes:

- Players will tell me how they will handle the given scenarios to them. Your answers will affect what happens to the given scenario.

- If somehow, another member of the party disagrees, they can talk about what to do. If they still can't agree, a vote will occur between party members. The highest vote will count as the response to a situation.

- In combat, keep in mind what class you have and devise your strategies. Combat will also be situation based.

And with that, I'll give out the classes you can use: Swordsman, Joker, Brawler, Wizard, Tinkerer, Medic, and Druid. Once you have picked your class, I will give you an overview of what weapon you will carry based on what class you chose.

Also, anyone can join in. I'll just improvise along the way.

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