Does housing usually offer Fairmont suites?

Started by DangerHeart, September 22, 2013, 05:06:00 PM

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I know its months away until hotels are up for booking, but since I've never looked for it I just want to know if anyones ever booked a fairmont suite through the housing site? A friend we're staying with next year really wanted a suite and already booked one directly with the fairmont which I assumed meant that fanime either didn't offer them or they only offer a set amount so they still have some available at the full hotel price? If fanime does offer them I'd like to TRY and book one when hotels go up to save the money. Suites are expensive..........


Since I go through the staff housing I'm not certain about booking it normally, but when I stayed in a Fairmont suite in the past (unrelated to Fanime) it was very nice. The living room area is very spacious. (Think normal hotel room size alone) and had a couch table chair and other basic ammenities. The bedroom is spacious as well and features a walk in closet, bathroom with both bath and shower, and a very large comfortable bed.


I tried going through Fanime housing and they told I could get a suite at the discount price. But since it was a few weeks after the hotel block opened up I was put on a waiting list. So in other words, yes you can go through Fanime's housing but only if they have suites available. If not you can be on a wait list just like any other room.
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Oh boy, the rush for hotels already stresses me out just to book a normal room. Gonna be crazy trying to book a suite this year.