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Author Topic: FanimeCon Departments Recruiting for 2014! - Archive  (Read 1707 times)

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FanimeCon Departments Recruiting for 2014! - Archive
« on: October 19, 2013, 02:25:21 AM »

What is Dealers & Charity? Who are they, and what do they do?

Looking for pvcs, wigs, sentai swag and other cool stuff? Trying to find out where staff shirts are sold? How do we help out our partners like Make-A-Wish Foundation? If I lose something in the Dealers Hall how do I quickly get it back? The answers to all this and more can be found at your friendly FanimeCon Dealers Hall and Charity Departments.  You can find us located in Hall 1 & 2. You will be greeted with a friendly face and helped quickly and efficiently. Dealers is where you go to blow some dough. Charity is how FanimeCon gives back to the greater community. (Sorry no rhyme.)

Disclaimer: This post is subject to change as Fanime 2014 approaches, it is the responsibility of the applicant to stay updated before applying if they have not recently read this post.
If you are already accepted to our staff, you will be notified of changes via email.
Last Updated: October 18, 2014

Dealers Staff
Before Con, until Day -1 of the convention only duty of Dealers Staff is to respond to emails sent by head or second within 24-48 hours. This includes for scheduling and general information pass downs.
During Con
  • Starting Day -1 assist with the setup of the Dealers Hall. This includes directing Dealers to their booths and answering general questions related to the Hall.
  • Starting Fri. assist with opening of the hall, guarding doors, guiding volunteers to their posts, making certian aisles are clear and hazard free
  • Help pass information to vendors
  • Basic use of Dealers Hall only walkie talkies
  • Selling staff shirts
  • Help attendees, including locating vendors in the hall using the map and key
  • Assist in returning lost items to attendees
  • Make announcements over the PA system
  • Hunt for bootlegs, and make certain that weapons policy is being abided by
  • Assist with Charity Department Events
  • Clear out the attendees from the Hall at the end of the selling day

  • Help setup, run, and take payment for Silent Auction
  • Organize, and display items for the Live Auction
  • Come up with new ways for FanimeCon to give back to our charity partner
  • Run Fanime's putting green challenge
  • Giving tours of Fanime to Make-A-Wish families


•Be at least 18 years old by the time FanimeCon starts. (16 & over considered with one heck of a recomendation)
•Must have valid government issued photo ID. ie drivers licence, passport, state id card, military id card, etc….
•Must work 24 hours over the course of Fanime weekend Wednesday-Monday
•Must respond to all emails/communications from department within 24-48 hours
•Must attend at least 2(two) pre-con meetings.
•Must abide by the FanimeCon Member Code of Conduct and the FanimeCon Staff Code of Conduct at all times.
•Professional attitude
•Good communication skills

Communication Requirements:
Pre-Con: Email will be the primary method of communication; you are required to respond within a timely manner (for general information please just acknowledge receipt).
At-Con: Phone / Texting will be the primary method of communication; if we are contacting you, you are required to respond within a timely manner.
If you read this, please put in your app, "Dealers/Charity, phrase that pays" at the very top or the very bottom of the application so we see.
If we don’t hear from you, you may be dropped from staff. (We are serious about this part.)  Exceptions/Accommodations may be granted on a case by case basis (Please let us know in advance).

What do I get for Staffing?
All "Staff" positions for FanimeCon are volunteer positions. We all donate our time to make this convention work, because we love it. The perks are limited, but often worthwhile if you have the right mindset.

A free Staff Badge, as long as you work your 24-hours. (Quicker badge pickup with customizable art)
A slightly discounted "Staff Room," as long as you room exclusively with convention staff and qualify for one.
Small amounts of swag. (2013 had con pins 2012 had backpacks or wristbands, 2011 had pencil bags.)
Service pins (Brag how long you've been making a difference pins currently for 1, 5, & 10 years of service)
The right to get a Staff Shirt. (vs. the attendee shirts)
A chance to "give back" to the Convention.
That warm-fuzzy feeling you get when you coordinate with other departments.

If you are interested in joining Dealers or Charity, please e-mail dealers@fanime.com with the following information with “Dealers Charity app for [your name]” as the subject.
Best Contact Email:
Full Legal Name:
Nickname (if preferred):
Best contact phone number:
Convention experience:
Why you want to join and relevant skills:

Questions? Please post a reply or PM me via the forums and we will answer as best we can.
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