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Started by MidnightPrincess94, December 04, 2013, 02:31:53 PM

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Just wondering does anyone know when or about what month Pre-reg will be coming out for next year?


Most likely sometime between December 2013 and May 2014.

But no seriously, no idea. My guess is some time in January or February. Or maybe we'll get an early surprise for Christmas?

I'm not staff, this is just speculation based on prior experience and the fact that nothing has been announced yet.
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Mid January early Febuary of 2014 maybe. They might have hotel and pre-reg up at the same time again. I'm not staff so this is just a prediction.
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Looking at Fanime's twitter posts it looks like it might be sometime either very late January but most-likely February. My suggestion is to check back on the website every couple of days as it gets closer to the end of January.

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I follow every platform they have so I get up to date info when they post it. I agree that late this month sounds pretty likely. But I don't count of earlier than next month just because.....well stuff happens and things can get delayed for a thousand different reasons. Not to worried though since they always give until the end of March to get badges online. I'm more worried about booking a room........


Yeah, typically whenever I've pre-regged for Fanime it's usually been in the early January and February months. Any later than that and it starts to get pretty hectic. Seeing as this is an anniversary year for Fanime I would hope the registration starts sooner rather than later and I hope that hotel matters get settled pretty quickly to cover the sheer influx of people desperate to reserve their rooms. Also fingers crossed on a decently managed line for badge pick-up this year as well!!!  :) :)
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It needs to get put up soon lol... I want to get registration it out of the way. XP


I just saw on facebook it said

Our Registration website will be going live on Monday (2/3). For $55, you will get a full weekend membership. URL will be posted next week.