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Started by therandomeer, January 04, 2014, 01:48:06 PM

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Just out of curiosity, did anyone have any problems with any other con-goers at Fanime 2013, or earlier, as a Homestuck character?
It was my first year dressing up, I went as Sollux and Kankri, and I noticed that people weren't as open to conversing with me in such an outfit unless it was a fellow Homestuck cosplayer. What about you?
Also, were you as disappointed as I was for not being able to get into Gamzee's Game Cafe? I hope a big Homestuck panel next year can handle more of a group.
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Acey Arisen

I didn't have any real issues, but then again I'm not exactly a social butterfly in general.

That said, there is a lot of disdain for Homestuck in the general fandom community (both online and off--I once had a girl refuse to talk to me when I mentioned, after she had asked, that my hoodie was from Homestuck). While I do agree that the fandom has some serious issues, I honestly don't think it's that much worse than a lot of other fandoms. Its main problem, I think, stems from the fact that the overall age of Homestuck fans tends to be relatively low--largely teenagers, many as young as 13 and 14. A lot of them genuinely don't get fandom etiquette, so it kind of brings the overall "image" of the fandom down. Which is a shame!

But yeah, I do agree that a lot of people's hatred for the fans is pretty over-the-top at times.
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There is another thread dealing with the general "Homestuck Hate". I'm indifferent. I don't follow the comic in all honesty, but if your into it and it makes you happy good for you. Plus looking back at Fanime you are just the latest in a long line of Fandoms.

You Guys

There are probably more but those are the groups of ravenous fans I remember since '04
We are a little mad here.
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Acey Arisen

I actually feel a lot of those fandoms are treated pretty unfairly as well, Anix.

I will acknowledge, as an MLP fan (though not one terribly active in the fandom), that some parts of the MLP fandom are gross even by Bad Parts Of Fandoms standards--but again, every fandom has its scum, and that shouldn't reflect on the entire fandom.
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I saw a lot of homestuck cosplayers last year. Last year was also my first fanime and I dressed up as Sesshomaru from InuYasha. I don't treat others differently for what they cosplay as. Then again I'm an introvert, but I'd never walk away from someone due to what they like.


I have friends who love Homestuck. I never really got into it, but I did make a Feferi cosplay minus the gray body paint for a get-together with my friends. I had no knowledge of the series, but they were very enthusiastic to talk to me about it. From an outside view, I think that because it is not an anime, people look down on it. At first, I was intimidated by a bunch of gray people with horns walking around, but once you get to know a few of them, they're really nice people. They are normal people, just showing their love for their fandom.

Being a gathering organizer for popular series, I think any series that becomes popular and has more fans and cosplayers, gets hated on, just for being popular. Cosplayers too, often get a little excited seeing so may other cosplayers that they forget a bit of common sense now and then. Haters just find the faults and make it into a big deal.

Also, the convention scene has changed a lot and is more about going for merchandise, cosplay, and photos rather than community and conversing with others. The first year I went, no one talked to me except for my friends and people asking for pictures even though I was cosplaying from Hetalia. So don't feel like you are getting ignored, that's just how the convention scene is now. You do meet the occasional open people though, others might just be awkward and shy, who knows.


I don't like to get into the few 'bad apples' that are in the fandom as there are in all randoms and in life. I would love to hear more people post their general Homestuck experience in the "BACK IN MY DAY" thread. My story started with bad impressions of the Homestuck fandom but I gave it a shot and now it's like my family.
If there are specific Homestuck people that are not representing the fandom how we would like but hey everyone is entitled to be themselves and if that how they want to act then I feel like they won't have a lot of friends. But that doesn't mean they have no friends! I'm saying it's their choice and everyone has that right.
If there is a particular person or group affiliate that does not represent Homestuck (and I'm saying they are being offensive or hurtful to people then I think we should bring that to peoples attention but I personally highly detour posting names of these individuals online since I don't want to attack them based on other peoples words or experiences. If they are a true threat or make people uncomfortable, Fanime has no problem removing their badge and removing them from Fanime. Do not be afraid to inform the staff.

Some people say 'let's show people they're wrong for thinking homestuck is bad' or 'homestuck is rude and a terrible fandom' I say leave the past in the past and just be happy and yourself and let people get to know you and see your love and passion for the fandom instead of trying to say ' Homestuck is known for being bad'. It really hurts me that people who are fans of Homestuck would even say such a thing like it's a fact. We are great and SAY IT!<3
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