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+ Introduction: Hi my name is Kelly.  I'm 21 and a college student at MJC. I'm pretty chill. This will be my first time staffing at Fanime... super excited :D
+ Hotel Information: I'd like to go somewhere within walking distance
+ Costs: I can pay whatever percentage of the room, though it'd be nice to split evenly with everyone, cuz it's nice to save what money we can right?
+ Requirements: Up to the head of the room. I'm cool with rules and adendums. I'm all about respecting people's space and belongings.
+ Contact: Email me at [email protected] or facebook message me:
+ Miscellaneous: it'd be nice to have a place to park my car, since that'll be how i'm getting there. i'd prefer a bed, but i can floor it if necessary. I'm cool with partying, drinking, smoking. that's all good with me, but i don't smoke.. as long as you don't puff it right in my face, i'm good. also, i'm a little nervous meeting new people, bit shy at first, but once i get used to you i'll be cracking jokes and goofing off ^_^
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My name is Aria. My roomate and I are in search of a room to stay from Friday night to Sunday morning (23rd-25th). We're very average people and we have no particular needs. If we have to sleep on the floor, that's fine. We're looking for some place, preferably, within walking distance of the SJCC.
As it stands it does not look like either of us will cosplay so we will not be brining much but clothes for two days. We don't drink, don't smoke, don't party, we're pretty collected so it would be great if we could match up with someone/or someones who could sync with that. We're not looking for any hotel partying, or clubbing away from home. Just some good 'ol fasion Con-fun.
Carissa, who is my roomate, is a college student and I am a bookseller for Barnes and Noble we are both 23 y/o. I'm not really sure what else there is to say. It'd be nice to make some roomates and come out of the weekend as friends, but it's not necessary. We will not be there to take over your room and make your weekend hell, lol. We just need someplace to crash for two nights. amiright? haha. If you have any questions or concerns you can just email me [email protected] and we can keep in contact all the way up until the day of.
We've already pre-registered so there's pretty much no backing out.

We would prefer to pay cash on the day that we get there. Ideally, meeting at the hotel room and exchanging cash for keys. (one for each of us, if that's possible -though it's not a demand or anything. We just like the souvenirs.). If you're interested please let me know.


good morning or after noon. which ever applies.

i am looking for a room

i am staffing the con this year but have not landed a room with other staff. i am looking for a place to sat from thursday night to monday morning.

i am quite. bath regularly. do not snore. keep to myself if need be. i have no intention of having friends over either.

i would like roommates that do not smoke or drink.  no drugs.

the days are running short so anything will help. you can skype me: dumpfest   it would be best chatted a bit. i will be co existing with you for a few days, it seems like a good idea.   male or female is fine. i work better with shy people.

or email : [email protected]

thanks in advance.


Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hi, I'm Marti from San Francisco, also known as Magickal Mangaka. Female 21yo. Please check out my website
You can also find my facebook page on the top right corner of the website.
+ Hotel Information: I would like to be walking distant from the con. Walking Distance for me is at most 5 blocks. Ideally would like to stay from day 0 till finish.
+ Requirements: I want a safe place to sleep, shower, be able to plug in my computer and other electronics, stay with chill otaku peeps, and lay down my gear while gallivanting at the con.
+ Contact: You can contact me through my email to start off [email protected]
+ Miscellaneous: =w=


Looking for a room

- 23 year old male. Name is Roy but I'll go by Al or Aleril. I always stay clean each day and take a shower every night. I don't drink, smoke or am particularly loud. I keep everyone's stuff to themselves and while I do like to talk I won't be a bother.

- This is my second Fanime and like 10th con in general
- Looking for a place within decent walking distance
- Will mostly spend time outside of the hotel, using the room mostly for sleep and a main hub.
- Willing to sleep on the floor if that's all that's left.
- Only bringing one suitcase, no cosplay stuff.
- Will pay in cash. Never flaked on anyone because that's a dick move bro.

- Contact me on Skype at auron_guardian2, email is [email protected], facebook is



Is anyone here have space for one person from Monday to Tuesday only? The ACE station does not operate on memorial day so I'll have to wait till Tuesday in order to depart back home. All I would need is a single space, be it floor, bed etc, as long as its not quite far from the train tracks.

Looking for a Room!

Name: Eli. Also known as Jun, JuJu, or Junior. However you please.

Days Needed:If at all possible, Day -1 to Day 5.Or Day 0 to Day 4. Prefer Day 5. I can always find a room on my own to stay prior to Day 0. Never been to Fanime before, but have ventured to AX twice, and a couple of smaller cons.

Spaces Needed: 1 for myself. I don't know much about any of my friends attending this year or if attending at all.

Preferred Hotel: Any hotel WITHIN a mile to the convention. I have stayed in hotels right withing walking distance to the convention and have stayed in hotels quite a distance away, 3 miles being the most.

Description of Myself:I'm all over the place to be honest. I'm quiet when needed. Observant and respectful.  But I'm mostly loud and fun loving. I look mean, but I'm naturally kind hearted. I love to have fun and love to enjoy company of others unless stated otherwise.

Age: 23

Gender: Male.

Smoker/Drinker: Yes to both. Situational smoker. Occasional drinker. However, if the host says neither inside the room, I can come to an agreement, though I genuinely prefer someone who is okay with alcohol. That being said, I'm not a drunkard of the annoying, stupid and violent type. I like to feel a vibe. So if you are okay with me being tipsy at your permission/discretion, I would hug you for life.

Sleeping habits:I generally am a heavy sleeper...though i suffer from sleep disorder known as insomnia. So with that in mind, I am more or less a cat. I take naps whenever I can. xD If I have to share a bed with anyone, I would appreciate it if I didn't have your hand or foot in my face. Thank you very much.

Anything else: I am a myriad of mischief. A photographer, an artist and all around lover of music.

Preferences of Desired Roommates:I don't have any preferences that are high priority or pet peeves.

Age range: Any age range is fine AS LONG AS THE HOST AND SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS have come to an AGREEMENT.

Gender: Male or Female is no big deal.

Smokers/Drinkers: Either one is fine. If you smoke, cool. If you drink, great.

Sleeping habits: As stated above, to elaborate, as long as you don't kick my face in your sleep, I'm okay with anything. I'm pretty tolerant.

Anything else: Not much. Any questions, you can email below.

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Hotel:      Fairmont
Just 2 blocks away. This is where all the panel rooms will be. Walk to the con anytime in minutes!
Room Type: 1 Standard room with one bed, and one roll-away on request
Days Booked: Days 0 - 4, May 22 - May 26
Spaces Left: 0 space
Preference: 18+ required. Minors are accepted with conditions
Courteous roommates of any gender wanted!

. . . looking for an experienced room head?
A female in my twenties, I've been attending AX since 2003 and this is my 7th year running hotel rooms in DTLA for a group of 30+ people. I have also attended San Diego Comic Con for the past 7 years and this will
be my 8th year attending! However, this is my first Fanime.

. . . looking for a no-headaches room?
I do charge a small overhead in case of cancellations, damages, or theft. You will not pay any more than stated here and you only need to worry about your spot (but be prepared to pay for any damages you make). I take care of everything else, such as any hotel or roommate issues.


  • No damages, theft, or additional charges to the room without permission
  • Shower daily
  • NO smoking but minimal drinking is fine - no parties allowed
  • Avoid inviting guests back to the rooms
  • Don't stay out past 3 am as we all need sleep.
  • Please practice basic common courtesy.
** I've never had this happen but if you do cause problems, you will be kicked out of the room without a refund and you will be liable for any and all damages.

Payment: must be received ASAP

Contact: seerakosumosu[at]gmail[dot]com
1. Please use the subject "Fanime 2014 Room" so that your email doesn't get misdirected.
2. Don't forget to include a link to your facebook, twitter, or some type of online identity and also include a bit of information about yourself, such as age, gender, and hobbies.
I use "seerakosumosu" everywhere.

Please follow the contact rules. I won't respond to PMs, or emails without the requested info.


Hi, I'm looking for a room for fanime. I'll be driving there from socal, and I'll just be bringing the basics with me. :)

Best way to reach me is by email: [email protected]
or facebook:


[update 5/13]

+ UPDATE INFO:  We had a roommate back out on us at the last second so we would really like to get another one!!  2 of the four nights (Thurs and Sun), we only have three people staying in the room currently, so those 2 nights you are guaranteed a bedspace (or couch, if you prefer). 

+ Hotel Information: Hyatt Place San Jose Downtown, 2 DOUBLE BEDS + couch.  Check-in is Thursday night, Check-out is Tuesday; I'm flying back to the east coast on Tuesday, but as of right now, I'm the only person who is staying that night.  You are welcome to keep your stuff in the room on Monday until you have to leave, and since we don't have to check out Monday, you can pack a bit more leisurely.
+ Costs: This will depend on how many nights you are staying!  2 nights for example would be $58.  The cost for all four nights is $105!  You can pay me with PayPal or cash at the con, but I need the money by the first day you are staying.
+ Requirements:

  • WOMEN ONLY.  This is not negotiable.  If you have to ask if your circumstance could be an exception, the answer is most likely no.
  • 18+ very strongly preferred.
+ Contact: PM me here for details.  It would be awesome if you could tell me your age and give me a link to your fb so I can add you to the group I made to organize the room.  I will also give you my phone number before the con.
+ Miscellaneous:  There will be some drinking going on in this room, and some nights we may be out late.  If you like going to bed early and dislike alcohol, this may not be a great room for you. 


Roommates Wanted

+ Introduction:  Hello there, I'm Michele, or alternatively you can call me Michi if you wish to do so.  I'm a 30 year old female cosplayer from Colorado, and I've been attending Fanime for the past few years. 

I'm currently looking for 2 female room mates.  I already have one, so in total there will be 4 people in the room.*

+ Hotel Information: I currently have a room with a king sized bed at the St. Claire.  check in is Friday May 23rd and check out is Tuesday May 27th.  ( That means you don't have to deal with packing on Monday morning and the stress of check out lines! Hurray for fully enjoying the last day!)  There is one bed so we'll have to share.  I will -TRY- my best to at least bring along one camping mattress of some sort.  (Note: I Am on the wait-list for the Fairmont so roommates will have to be alright with staying at either )

+ Costs:  The cost will be $100 per person.  I will accept payment through paypal, or in person, in cash.
You MUST PAY IN FULL at the before or at the beginning of the convention.  In other words, I won't accept "I can pay half now and then I can send you the rest when I get my next paycheck" or anything similar.

+ Requirements:

Female only, please.

Non smoking.  Even if you only smoke outside, I'm extremely sensitive to smoke even if it's just the smell on clothing.

18+ is preferred.   If you are under 18, I will have to meet your parents or guardian.  Just a quick hello down in the lobby will be fine.

Respect hotel property

Respect each other's property.  Don't move, touch, use things without permission.

Shower.  With soap.   More then once during the course of the weekend.

Try your best to keep the room somewhat clean.  This can be hard with cosplayers, but at the very least, let's have it to where we can move around without killing ourselves, shall we?

There will be no curfew, but if your coming in after midnight, please do so quietly in case others are trying to sleep.

do NOT under circumstances bring people up to the room without permission or give your room key to another person.

+ Contact:  Please contact me through PM.

+ Miscellaneous

* There will be one extra person in the room for one night.

I'll be buying a cake for us to share from Bijan Bakery.  Most likely on Sunday .

Also, I'll pick up food from Safeway which will be for everyone to share. 

I'll be flying in on Friday, and my flight is suppose to land in San Jose at Noon.  I should be at the hotel by 1:00 PM ( It depends on factors such as how long it takes luggage to arrive, etc.  )   I will exchange contact information with everyone so we can keep in touch.

I look forward to hearing from everyone! Thank you!

Dragon Ninja

Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hi, I'm Marshall. This will be my 7th year at Fanime. I couldn't get a room in time and need help.
+ Hotel Information: I would like to be walking distant from the con. Ideally would like to stay from day 0 till finish.
+ Requirements: I want a safe place to sleep, shower, be able to plug in my computer and other electronics, stay with chill otaku peeps, and lay down my gear while gallivanting at the con. I don't smoke or drink.
+ Contact: Facebook page:

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Roommates needed

Name: Sora
Room: Ramada (Thur-Mon)
Room type: queen bed
Requirements: non-smoker and please don't drink in the room. If you do drink, please come back sober. Either male or female.
Cost per person: $50
Other Info: Will not be crowded. If you wish to stay Monday night as well, I won't charge you for it.
Reply by PM please. :D

I had two people cancel on me so I currently need more roomies. Please let me know you need a room!
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Roommates Wanted
Need 1 more person!

+ Introduction: Hello! My name is Hazzel. I missed Fanime last year, but went the two years before. I can't wait to be back! I cosplay and photog, but because of money this will be a really casual year, heh.
This is my first time hosting a room with people I don't know, so hopefully it goes well. I'm a kind of quiet person, and am looking for chill people for a quiet room (no drama!). I do like socializing sometimes, but I don't want to deal with gossip/whining/drama. >-<
Stalk me at

+ Hotel Information: Hilton (attached to the con) Double room, Friday-Monday (3 nights)

+ Costs: $85 up front. Paypal or Cash, as long as I have it before check-in!!

+ Requirements:
-Not a party room, just a place to relax in between the con! No heavy drinking, no smoking, definitely no drugs. (sorry ><) You can do these things out of the room as long as you don't drag a heavy smell/drunkenness back with you.
-No dramu
-stay clean (with both your belongings and your hygiene!)

-If under 18, I will want your parents' contact, just in case.
-Any gender ok~
-I might want to Skype with you before I decide. I might also want to contact other people you've roomed with before, depending. ><

+ Contact: PM me here plz.



+ Introduction: Hi! I'm Jamice 23yr and I've been going to Fanime since 2006 and would like to continue the tradition. Having a super hard time getting roommates this year. Really only seeking 2 more people. I've hosted rooms for about three years in a row so if you are interested send me a message on FB.

+ Hotel Information: Fairmont, Double Bedded, Fri-Mon

+ Costs: $81 if we get one person $68 if we hit our goal of two new people. The room total would then be six (I only have 4 confirmed people including myself right now).

+ Requirements: Females only. This is an all girls room. Keep your stuff neat. Shower. Be respectful of everyone and our stuff. Drinks allowed (will be there either way, really), no smoking or drugs allowed in the room. Not a party room. I try to keep my room calm and a safe place to pre-game for the con. My rooms are always a safe place and I take care to try and make everyone comfortable. 18+ please.

+ Contact: I check facebook more and I'll get your message faster but I'll be checking in here too so pm's are welcome.
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Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hi! I'm Kenny (19 years old). My boyfriend Shane (also 19) and I are looking for a room to stay in for Fanime. We're both very polite and tidy and we keep our messes to ourselves and clean up after ourselves. I'm very social, friendly, and polite, and Shane, also very polite and friendly, is very quiet and likes to keep to himself a lot. We're both very good hotelmates and probably won't make much of a cosplay mess, as he doesn't cosplay and I'm doing very simple cosplays. And we're both very hygienic and we keep the PDA at a very minimum.

+ Hotel Information: We would LIKE to stay as close to the con as possible, but we're very flexible with location. We'd be arriving Friday, staying Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, and leaving Monday. We can pay $50-60 (give or take) each and pay up front.

+ Requirements: MUST be trans friendly (we're both trans guys) and MUST be very very respectful of pronouns (he/him/his)). A few slip ups are okay, we're not jerks and we'll politely correct you and leave it at that, no hard feelings and no harm done. However, please DO NOT deliberately misgender us or ask us any personal questions (especially if we don't know you very well). Also if possible please keep us stealth and don't go telling people that we're trans, PLEASE. We've dealt with this in the past and it's just uncomfortable.

+ Contact: I can be contacted by email ([email protected]) or via facebook (Kenneth Eugene, my preferred method of contact) and I am willing to give out my cell phone number for easier contact methods but I'm not gonna post it on a public forum.

+ Miscellaneous: Uhhhh, if you guys are cool, we have a hookah? It's just vapor and it's legal (if you're 18+ but we're not gonna tell if you're not) and it's non addictive, has no nicotine, and is pretty safe. If you have any other questions you can feel free to ask me. Also if you need more than just us, we have two friends who were gonna stay with us until we ran into financial issues and couldn't afford to get our own room, so I can put you in contact with them if you need four people instead of two.


Looking for a room!

+ Introduction  Hi, my name is Brendan and this will be my first year attending the con!  I'm 26 and male.  I'm really organized and clean and have no problem keeping all my stuff out of peoples' way.  I'm really respectful of other peoples space and want the same from other people.  I don't "party" anymore, but I don't have a problem with being at a party room.  I don't smoke or drink anymore, but it doesn't bother me if other people do and I sleep through a decent amount of noise (slept through a powerful earthquake more than once) so that's not an issue.

+ Hotel Information  Like everyone else, I'm looking for a hotel near to the convention center.  I'm also planning on bringing a cooler with food from home and ice packs.  I'm hoping there's a room I can find with a mini-fridge so I can cycle out the packs to keep stuff cold, if not I'll just suck it up and buy some ice.  Depending on how much it costs, I'm willing to do one or two nights.  I'm hoping to keep it under 100$ for either Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun, or both if possible.

+ Additional If you need to talk to me via Skype or something, that's not an issue.  I will be checking the forum regularly, so if you want to contact me, please send me a PM for contact info and I'll give you ways to contact me.


LAST MINUTE ROOMMATE OPENING    Cheapest Price Out There!!!

Heeeeeeeeey guise! I had an unfortunate last-minute cancellation by one of my original roommates. I now have a roomshare opening for 1 person! Doesn't matter if male or female.

Hotel info: DoubleTree, room is booked for Saturday and Sunday night, check-out on Monday morning

Price: $50 flat out the door

Other RoomSharers and myself: I am a 21-year-old female music teacher, I currently have 2 roommates lined up 1 is a 22 year old female college friend and the other is a 22 year old male college friend, all 3 of us have known each other for 5+ years and I can provide FB links if you want to talk to any of us ^___^ here is mine

OTHER: I can provide transportation in my car to and from the con, lots of room and trunk space in the car for item carrying.

Contact info: You may reach me at my email [email protected] where I can provide you with my phone number and additional contact info. I am not going to be around the forums to check my forum messages so the best way to reach me is by the gmail email
or just add me/message me on Facebook
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My Hotel Res has Change I'll now be residing at The Hilton which is attached to the convention center and still taking people that would like to join me in the hotel prior requirements are still as follow

Hotel Name:
Hilton San Jose

Hotel is 100% Smoke Free

Hotel Address:
300 Almaden Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95110

Arrival Date:
Friday, 5/23/2014

Departure Date:
Tuesday, 5/27/2014
# of Nights:


Room Type:

Quad - 4 persons

Non smoking.  Even if you only smoke outside, I'm extremely sensitive to smoke even if it's just the smell on clothing.


Respect hotel property

Respect each other's property.  Don't move, touch, use things without permission.

Shower.  With soap.   More then once during the course of the weekend.

Try your best to keep the room somewhat clean.  This can be hard with cosplayers, but at the very least, let's have it to where we can move around without killing ourselves, shall we?

There will be no curfew, but if your coming in after midnight, please do so quietly in case others are trying to sleep.

do NOT under circumstances bring people up to the room without permission or give your room key to another person.

So can tell you right now I'll most likely be drinking so no one under 21 sorry. No smoking. (Most likly will provide Alcohol depending on mood)
I'm not looking for money just company.
I believe in an open world so Must have acceptance to gays.

If Interested you can interview with my skype name (Pandadahboi) or my Kik (Pandadahboi7) and if none of those work for me private message me for phone # or  Email.

Price is still Free but final date is 13th of may to be interviewed you will be approved or not approved upon the interview.

If you wish to pay me out of the goodness of your heart hey you're a pretty good person.
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Hi Everyone ... Well it looks like I maybe in need of a room for Fanime after all, at least for Sunday.

Introduction: My name is Beth and I am planning on attending Fanime and a dance competiton all in the same weekend in San Jose :) Gonna be so tired going back and forth between the two, but it'll be worth it. Anyway I thought we had a room for arrival friday and departure on monday, but the reservation is only for Friday and Saturday nights, and now it looks like the director may not be attending the competition any longer (who I was rooming with), so I don't know if the room is going to fall through completely. So a little about me ... I am a 30 year old female, that doesn't smoke or do drugs.  I am an occasional cosplayer and do plan on doing a little cosplay mainly on Sunday and Monday.

Hotel Information: So anyway I am in need of a room definitely for Sunday night, but I would just like to find a room for Friday and Saturday nights as well if one is available too cover my bases. Even if I do not end up staying there the first two nights, I am definitely willing to help with the cost of the room to gaurentee me the spot if I should need it those nights. Does that make sense? So any rooms available for late arrival on Friday (can't leave until I get off work at 4:00 and it is then a 5 hour drive) and departure on Monday? I would like to be pretty close to the convention if possible.

Requirements: No real requirements that I can think of, but preferably roomates that do not smoke or do drugs.

Contact: You can reach me at [email protected]

The Doctor

Roommates needed

+ Introduction: Name's Virgil, and most people call me Soap, unfortunately. I recently inherited a doublebed room and have space for 2 more people as of my writing this. This is currently a room of responsible people, looking for likewise. Partying is not discouraged, but must be kept within reasonable boundaries.
+ Hotel Information: The hotel is the Hilton San Jose, one of the adjacent hotels for the SJCC, and is booked from Friday-Monday.

+ Costs: Cost of the room will be $74 for the full weekend, if roommate numbers are met. As previously stated, we have 2 spaces available

+ Contact: PM me here.