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+ Hyatt (a block away, close to Civic Center)

What you need to know:
+ Aside from the normal rules, need to know there two Arist Alley people in the hotel and at stuff will be around.
+In addition me and my partner are homosexuals and I wish to bring this upfront in case someone has a problem with it.

Roommates Wanted: We need 1 roommate for now!
+ Introduction: Hi my name is Ali and I have been going to fanime for 7 years and have been arranging hotels from here to there for all those years. With that being said I need a roommate since one of my other pals decided to drop out of the hotel. As for me and my buds we like anime, various ones ranging from AOT to Pokemon. We enjoy comics and webcomics such as Captain America all the way to Homestuck. All in all we are a frendly bunch of people and are very welcoming and considerate of others.

+ Hotel Information: We will be staying in the Hyatt.
Check in: Friday
Check Out: Monday

+ Costs: The cost is 70 dollars and this includes any extra fees the hotel may cost. If there is anything left over at the end of checkout I split it amongst the group.

+ Requirements: I'm looking for females preferably. Someone who can clean up after themselves and has a mature attitude about them. Also someone who doesn't mind sleeping on the floor as well as late night stay uppers and early risers. We ask that you keep your luggage to a corner of the room. Other then that someone who is friendly and fun!

+ Contact: Please PM me here or send me an email to

+ Miscellaneous: We will have food in the hotel that is free for all to eat.


I'm a 31 year old male and my friend is a 27 year old female, we are both looking for a room to stay in and obviously willing to pay and drive if needed. please contact me at my email at with information. We are cosplaying but nothing big so we won't take up a lot of room. I don't mind sharing or sleeping on a couch.
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+ San Jose Airport Garden Hotel

Roommates Wanted:

+ Introduction: Hi there my name is Ed, I am 32, and this will be my 6th Fanime. My girlfriend and I will be sharing a room but we are looking for some room mates that are 18 and over. Limit is 4. So far I heard from 2 friends that will only stay from Thursday-Friday.
+ Hotel Information: San Jose Airport Garden Hotel
                            1740 North First Street
                            San Jose, CA 95112
Check in: Wednesday (for all the early birds even though Fanime starts Thursday. We probably won't be in the room most of the time on Wednesday.)
Check Out: Monday
+ Costs: The estimated cost is $529.70 so the cost is between $92 per person. I accept cash and paypal. You are responsible for the extra hotel fees such as room service. Please send in your payments by Day 1.
+ Requirements:
        -For all the smokers, please smoke at a smoking area not in the room.
        -Please bring your sleeping bags if you want to sleep on the floor or if you are not comfortable sharing a bed. Please no making out.
        -Respect others
        -Stay Clean
        -No drugs and alcohol
        -Please no loud noises such as loud talking, loud music or loud TV after 10 since people are trying to sleep
        -I suggest keeping your luggage at a corner of the room
        -Any questions please let me know.
+ Contact: My email is or you can add me on facebook.
+ Miscellaneous: You are more than welcome to bring your gaming consoles(I wouldn't recommend it since it's an anime con not a hotel con) and snacks to share with all of us. For those that plan to bring a gaming console you are responsible for it.


I have an open room for you and your friends!!!!! :) :) :) :)

You heard right I have an extra room for you and your buds. I resevered one extra room on accident and instead of cancelling this room, I would like to give it to a well needed group. I was inform very late of this and so is this offer.

+ Introduction Hello my name is Demetrius (Or call me Dtron 3000) and I have been to Fanime since 2008 so this will be my 6th year straight. Like the header says I have a empty room I am willing to give to a group of at least 4 people 85 dollars each. I myself will not be in this room because I will be rooming with some close friends in the same hotel.

+ Details/Breakdown The room is at the Fairmont hotel which by the stretch of the imagination is not far from the convention. It's walking distance in a very convenient location. The rooms are book from the Friday (May 23, 2014) to the Monday following (May, 26, 2014) By Monday noon you'll have to have your belongs out of the hotel for me to check out. Also the room is a single bed

Costs Like I said before, I'm looking for at least 4 people 85 dollars each. For the sake of time and security for myself if flakes happen, I would like the money before Fanime. The money can be a check, money order, or through paypal. Two things if you want to go the paypal route 1) I ask that you send it as a "gift" to so the fees associated with it are handled on your end.  Any other way, and they can take a serious chunk out of the hotel money. 2) I will have too make sure my paypal is correctly up and running. I had problems with it the past so if you do decide to make payment that way I'll have to confirm with you first everything is alright.

+ Rules I will need to have one person from your group as a leader. The leader is someone I can call at most times during the day and check in to see if the room is fine. I will also need the leader to provide to me the list of people that will be in the rooms This way I can make sure no one who don't suppose to be there WILL NOT be there. Another important note: I will drop by randomly to check on the room. Does this mean I will just roam in freely? No. I will come though and knock on the door. If no ones answer then I will call the leader of the group.
If these rules are broken in any way shape of fashion there will be a warning.
Here's a list of things that you will get warnings or evictions for:
  1) Having people in the room who are not on the list= 1st offence is a warning, 2nd offence is removal from the room. (Note: This does not mean you can't have people over to visit you. This just mean they can NOT sleep in the room)
  2) Using and/or reconfiguring the fridge= 1st offence is a warning with payment that comes with the hotel charging me because something was taken out or move in the fridge. 2nd offence removal of the room.
  3) Any damage to the room= Immediate removal from the room
  4) Do not order any food to the room they will charge me for those expensive meals (Trust me they are) If I find out that you have ordered food from the hotel= 1st offence warning with payment that comes with the food you ordered 2nd offence removal from the room that comes with payment that comes with the food you ordered.
Please remember to be courteous to your neighbours, the walls are not sound proof, and if your making tons of noise, they will complain to the hotel which in turn will get you kick out.

+Other rules I need the leader to also be 21+ or at the very least 18+ no younger than that. No drinking or smoking

+Contact Since this is a last minute adventure for me and you, it would be best to contact me as soon as you can. Here's my cell: (510) 695-6143 if I don't answer please leave a message. Here is my email: this is where you should send me a copy of names who will be in the room over the weekend.

+ Note I want this to run smoothly as possible. I want to make this event as fun as you want it to be with little to no worries of where you're going to sleep. Think of this as me giving back to fanime for tons of great memories and we as fans form those great memories together! further questions please call me or email
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Christa Jennings

Space for one (or two if you will share a bed) at the Doubletree. Currently two mature women, no smoking, no strong perfumes, no late partying, no drugs. Reservations for Fri., Sat., and Sun. nights. Prefer females only, please. Room price is approximately $115 per night, to be split between however many roommates we end up with. Contact me on the Clockwork Alchemy facebook page. Christa Jennings.


Trying to get rid of a room!

Hi everyone! I'm Brianna and I'm trying to get rid of a room(as in the room would be COMPLETELY yours!)

Hotel: At the Hyatt across the street from the convention center.

Time: For Saturday and Sunday night.

Price: Discusses upon email. I would need a check or cash.

PLEASE contact me ASAP if interested. My email is

Spark Miko Miko

Fulfilled sorry!
I have a room at San Jose Marriott...
It's kind of crowded (since we have  people who can't pay too much), but we're still looking for roommates.... umm, it's about 65-85 $ depending on who else can come... if you would like you can stay with us... (we're all guys though)
Rules are
to shower daily
don't mess with other's people's stuff
no drugs, no smoking, people who don't snore too loudly please
please message me at tomahawk99781"at" just replace "at" with @


Roommate Wanted!

+ Introduction: Hi! My name is Sandy, I've been going to cons for over a decade, and this will be my 5th Fanime. There are 3 people in the room so far, and we're looking for a 4th. It's a co-ed room so you'd have to be okay with that (2 female 1 male as of now). We're all around 30 years old, we cosplay, and dare I say we're all pretty easy to get along with. :)

+ Hotel Information: Hyatt, Friday-Monday

+ Costs: $100 per person, pay either via PayPal or upon meet-up.

+ Requirements: Preferably 21+, but 18+ is okay as long as you are responsible! Otherwise, general respectfulness and good hygiene is a must. We do drink in the room, but we do not have all night parties or anything. Friends/visitors to the room are welcome (we may have some ourselves) as long as it's not a huge amount of people being too loud or staying too late. We're not usually up terribly late since we get up early enough to primp for cosplay. :p If you're out and about later that's totally fine, just try to be mindful if/when you come back to a room of sleeping people.

+ Contact: Please PM me for more details, and I can even get on Skype to video chat!
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Need a Room

Hi my name is Geronimo and I'm 20 and live in the Bay Area. This is my first Fanime if I can get a room. I'm a pretty quiet and shy guy, I'm open minded and don't drink or smoke. I love anime, playing League of Legends, and Diablo 3 at the moment. Going through some stuff so I kind of want to experience something new and meet cool people with similar interests.

Hotel Information:
Would prefer a hotel nearby but I don't mind taking a shuttle. I can probably stay thurs-mond, or friday-monday, I don't mind really. I don't have a car, so I will probably get dropped off and picked up after the weekend.

Not sure about requirements, but I prefer to be in a smoke free zone. I don't mind sleeping on the floor or too much noise. Would prefer to have a clean environment though, and respect towards each others stuff.

You can message me on my profile here, or email:, or add me on skype(pshew93). If you have any questions or concerns let me know!

Will probably just be looking around(buy some gundams), go to panels, etc. I don't want to be a third wheel or anything.


What's up Fanime-goers?  I spent a lot of this month rather sad that I was too broke to make it, but I decided not to let being badgeless get in my way of finally meeting internet friends and socializing with weird strangers in cosplay. That's right, I'm going Convention Homeless.
A friend of mine from town has decided to give me a ride on Thursday since he's also going, but since I was a last minute addition to the group, there's no more room over at the relatives he will be staying that night. 
It's a longshot, but is there anyone who could possibly let me crash with them on just Thursday night?  It would be much appreciated, and I would be very respectful to any conditions set by whoever decided to host me.
Send me a message and I'll respond rather promptly
Peace, and thanks for considering
- Homeless-kun


If it changes anything, I am a 23 year old male, and I'm very hygienic(don't trip about some weeb weirdo stankin' up your hotel room)


Roommate preferred
Hey, my name is Kevin, I'm 26 year old male, and have been to Fanime for the last few years, (since 08). This year I was supposed to go with two friends, but one ended up having to work due to failing to tell his brother in law whom he works for and failed to pre reg his badge, AND he can't drive up due to his car being wrecked, while the other failed to have a photo ID of any type (how do you lose a school ID?). He might acquire one in time, not sure, so at the moment it's me solo. I've soloed before, but I kinda miss having roommates...(then again, not my real roommate).
Quick Bio: I'm a fairly quiet guy, and very respectful of others. As I stated, I'm cautious, so forgive me if I'm not all "HEY BUDDY WHAT'S UP?" when we meet. Once you get to know me, I'm slightly more talkative. Also, I'm not the kind of guy who walks around only in my boxers at the hotel room, I'm always wearing sweats or jeans and a T shirtwhen not in cosplay
Hotel:I will be at the Fairmont Thursday-Monday. It is about...2 blocks away from the con center. Quick and easy! I try to keep things clean, and I do have some snacks (granola bars, waters, poweraids and trail mix) and am willing to share. As for hotel specifics, I'm not sure WHAT kind of room I got, I was in the frantic "opening day" trying to get a room. All I know is the price at the moment. And please, pitch in for a tip if we're gonna have housekeeping clean the room.
Cost: As for costs, I request $20 a night (or $80)
I will have a few cosplay, but they will be in 2 or 3 garment bags, and one suitcase, along with a messenger bag. I'm a gamer and I like anime. I'm currently playing Kantai Collection and bought stuff to make Rensouhou-chan, but got too lazy and busy with real stuff...
Ideal roommate:
please no smoking/drugs. I'd prefer alcohol free (in case my friend with the ID issue magically appropriates one) but LIMIT THE AMOUNT!!! I myself like a drink, but keep it cool! No getting drunk!
Hygiene: well, self explanatory. But please, shower daily!
Gender: doesn't matter.
Age: this is a huge thing for me...I prefer 21+, but /might/ take in an 18 -21.
Timing: depending on my mood and such, I can either be a night owl, or be in bed by 9. I might also return for a cat nap or 2 (since "Futon's are happiness"-[Tenryuu class Light Cruiser Tatsuta]) but if you plan on being out very late, please don't make much of a ruckus. I tend to wake up early by habit (anywhere from 6-7) though I might try to sleep in. I'm somewhat skilled at getting dressed silently as my (real) roommate is one who wakes up at the very last second.
Try not to order roomservice. It gets expensive quick, and I don't wanna get stuck with an incredibly high bill...
Miscellaneous :
I have a tendency to snore, so I use breathe right strips or something along the line when rooming up with other people.
I don't mind noise, but try to keep it down if I'm trying to sleep, as I will likewise keep it down if you're sleeping.
As for visitors...hmm...since I highly doubt I'll have any, I don't want to take away from your experience, but remember, I just met you so I'm not 100% entirely comfortable with other random people around, despite us all being here for the same reason...again, that's my cautious side talking.
you may email me at for any questions or concerns.


Room found!

So, I found out Fanime was this weekend about 1 hour ago, so I've decided I want to go and figure splitting a hotel room with some great people is most cost efficient since I'm coming from East Bay.

Who am I?
25, male, I don't drink or smoke, uh I think the doge meme & chipotle are the greatest things ever? I think I'm pretty clean & I don't snore. Um, did I cover everything? Feel free to ask me anything I may have missed? I think I'm pretty accommodating as well.

What am I looking for?
I'm looking for a spot in a room at a hotel that's within walking distance to the convention and I guess for the duration of the con (I'm actually flexible on this but we can talk more if you have a weird booking schedule).  I'll be alone so just a single spot should suffice. Bed, floor, armchair, couch, whichever, doesn't matter much to me. For the hotel room part I think I'll use it as a place for a safe place to store my things, change of clothes, a place to sleep, & showers. Are you hygienic? Cool I like hygienic.

Price range & payment:
Let's say $100 +/- $50 for the whole duration? I have no real budget when it comes to this, but I will be more favorable to cheaper rooms.
Preferably I would like to do cash, but I can do any mode of payment.

If you want even more info, just send me a pm.


Roommate Wanted!

+ Introduction: Hi! My name is Julia, and I've been going to Fanime since 2005 and cosplaying since 2006. My room is filled with 20-something year olds right now and we want to stuff a few extra people in to bring the costs down. We're all pretty chill so it should be a fun room!

+ Hotel Information: Marriott, Friday-Monday

+ Costs: $80 per person, pay in cash upon meet-up.

+ Requirements: Hygiene is extremely important- please shower and don't make a huge mess. Would PREFER a girl, but beggars can't be choosers at this point, right? We might drink a little in the room, but it wouldn't anything crazy. Just be respectful when people are sleeping too!

+ Contact: Please PM me for more details, or email me at

Thanks so much!! :D


They cleared the second reservation without penalty. Win.


NEED A ROOM    Friday- Monday

Friend wasn't able to come through with a room, and as such I'm all on my own.  So yea, super last minute

About me:    32 Year old male.  Obviously I like anime.  I also play MTG.   Not a cosplayer, so I will be traveling pretty lite. I shower daily, sometimes more than once.   (word of warning, I reportedly snore sometimes).   Would prefer something in short walking distance, since I may stay out late at the game room getting my cardboard spell slinging on.

Email me. 



Hey there, my name is Leeana and I had a few friends bail on me at the last possible minute, so I'm looking for one or two people to lower the cost of our hotel. It's definitely a long shot, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out!!!

About: It's just me, my boyfriend, and a friend of ours right now. We're all 20 years old, hygienic, chill, and fun-loving people. We expect you to be the same, but age doesn't matter.

Hotel: DoubleTree Hotel (not ideal, I know, but there will be a shuttle to get to the con)

Duration: Friday-Monday. If you need to stay for just some of those days, that's fine too.

Cost: $78 per person for 4 people total; $63 for 5 people (if you have a friend)

Contact: Please call or text me at (510) 776-5796 as soon as possible!!! We will be arriving at the con tomorrow in the afternoon. Thanks!


Need a room, Saturday Night Only

I'm a 24 year old male.

Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Sainte Claire ONLY

I don't mind sleeping on the floor.

Please contact me (PM), thank you.


Hi i'm in need of a room during the con that is walking distance.
i can pay in cash at the site. please send me a email and we can work out the details.
hope to see you at the con!