Blazeblue Activate!

Started by Noi_Se, January 18, 2014, 10:14:36 AM

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Hey Guys I know it's still a bit early but I want to throw a Blazblue Gathering @ This years Fanime 2014.

I'm Noi Se and I will be in charge of this year's Blazblue Gathering @ Fanime of this year.

This is the information that I have planned and will need:

Day: TBA
Time: TBA
Title: Blazblue Activate~!
Attendees: (Characters)

Pairing fights
Good v Observators
Librarium v Ragnas
Funny groupies

Gathering Name: Blazblue Activate!
Day: TBA
Length: TBA
Location: TBA

Now this is the important process. But other than that we are set and I feel that we can get our gathering with your cooperation. I just need to know what character your cosplaying from and just need to know who will be attending. If you haven't check out the Blazblue Cosplay Group. I'll provide the link to this facebook group down below. But other than that you guys can use this forum that I created to talk about Blazblue and share some ideas on how to make this better or just using it to geek out Blazblue. The location map can be founded here. :3 SAve you guys the trouble. But if you have any friends who are Blazblue fans and know some that cosplays from the awesome game bring them along. The more the merrier. So have fun and I am excited and hope to see you guys there at FANIME 2014.

Fanime Gatherings Map:

Blazblue Cosplay Group

Any questions/ or any concerns just PM me and I will get back to you As soon as possible.


I'm still working out my schedule, but I may be able to make it as Relius Clover.
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Hope you can attend 'em!


If you can that be awesome, but I don't want you to rush yourself. Take your time we still have until May. :3


If I can get my Noel cosplay finished in time ill come, but it probably wont be finished until SacAnime summer... :P
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It's cool. The more the merrier they say.


I'm actually working on a Bullet cosplay for Fanime so if I don't get lost I will definitely try and be there. :D


Bullet?! aww sweet. Yeah if you finish her you should definitely try to make it for the gathering.