San Jose Convention Center Renovations

Started by Admiral Donuts, January 26, 2014, 08:58:30 PM

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Admiral Donuts

Renovations are complete! I'll be curious to see what's changed for 2014. 169,957 square feet of new space!

The neatest thing is probably the new steps outside the main entrance, they look like they're a great spot to take group photos.

Synopsis of the changes
Photo album of changes
Video of renovations and interviews
New floorplans (.PDF)
time lapse video of reconstruciton



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FINALLY! Now we wont have to wait in line in the Marriott hotel...hopefully.
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^ Don't you mean the Fairmont?

Indeed, the new design looks awesome on the inside as well as the outside :)
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Yay, Haruko.


I was there when I went to the Fall NorCal Cosplay Gathering.
It's beautiful, and I can't wait for everyone to fully utilize it, from cosplayers to the con itself.


Wow, thanks for that vid. The new add-ons to the convention center look so good. Sooo much space. The nights at Fanime will awesome, that's for sure.   
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