FaniMad Libs [All-ages AND 18+] [ACCEPTED!]

Started by keitoghostie, January 29, 2014, 10:59:26 PM

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The ultimate merger of Mad Libs and anime returns! Once again featuring prizes and copious amounts of laughter!

My name is Kate and this will be my 3rd year co-running these panels!
In case you missed it, we use audience suggestions of words to fill in the blanks of texts taken from anime and related sources (synopses, English theme songs, internet reviews, and beyond!) The result is generally an incredibly silly paragraph we all read aloud.

Our all ages panel is on Saturday (5/24) from 5-6pm in Panels 4, and our 18+ panel (FaniMad Libs After Hours) is on Sunday from 10-11pm in Panels 3!

Additional information to follow but please feel free to suggest anime series and genres to be added to our database! We want to make things fun for as many people as possible!


Both panels were accepted and the first post has been edited with the info!

I will be continuing to create more mad libs for both panels and will gladly accept suggestions for series, genres, and more!


Thank you to anyone who attended either panel! Both audiences were awesome~

If you have any suggestions (for series we should make into mad libs or just in general) feel free to reply or send a message here, or on our tumblr page!
We will be posting a few of our mad libs for you to play on your own or with friends as well as info for any future panels or events.

That being said, we are currently looking into expanding and bringing our panel to other conventions in NorCal as well as SoCal - any info will be posted on our tumblr so look around for us!