Staff rooms?

Started by Imperial, February 02, 2014, 06:18:40 PM

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I haven't heard a word from anyone concerning staff rooms, and getting into a room of staff together. Should I worry since hotel reg is happening tomorrow, or is that on the minds of the uppers and we will get an email on the matter asap?


Typically a staff hotel room block is set aside, so they will not get all booked up. Staff hotel registration will not happen till a month or two later. Stuff is a bit different this year, but I have had no indication that this particular aspect is changing this year.
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So I've gotten a bunch of conflicting information :-\ and I was hoping I could just get a quick summary of what i have to do to get a hotel room for staff (me) at the staff rate and stuff. I just don't want to miss my opportunity.


so if I can admit something, its that it most likely is the same block of rooms at same rate as last year. the system for staff booking is not up yet.


Personally, I'd prefer having a room with a maximum of 3-4 people in it than 5-10. Hence my debate on staff housing...

I'ma try to be staff again this year- but I'll probably again have my own room to work out with other staffers...

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