Congratulations to Fanime

Started by Rurutie8, February 03, 2014, 12:48:21 AM

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Congratulations to Fanime.  According to, you had a paid attendance of 23,430 in 2013.  Jumping from eighth place in 2012, that would make you now the fifth largest anime convention in North America in 2013.

Admiral Donuts


Poland (for Gong Show)


Hm, I thought Fanime didn't want to disclose attendance numbers...but 23,000? That's amazing and something to celebrate.


Technically, we're the number 4 convention in terms of total 'warm bodies'
QuoteTen Largest North American Anime Conventions of 2013:
Anime Expo - 61,000 estimated total attendance
Otakon - 34,892 paid attendees
Anime Central - 28,692 total attendance
Anime North - 23,952 paid attendees
FanimeCon - 25,542 total attendance (23,430 paid)


This should be shared to all the people who wonder why it gets harder and harder to book a hotel every year  ;)

Admiral Donuts

I found some data and figured out that if FanimeCon was a town, it would be the 1,358th largest in America, just behind Bergenfield, NJ with 25,611 and ahead of Paducah, KY with 25,521

For paid, it would be 1,484th, behind Reedley, CA with 23,439 and Green, OH with 23,404.


We are number one when it comes to the cool people who attend.