The Comedy Club at Fanime 2014!(Now with video!)

Started by Glitch, February 06, 2014, 11:44:42 PM

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Now we have video of the event!

The Comedy Club at Fanime




Registered Trademark/Dot gife

Pierce Brown


The Return of The comedy Club
Just to let you guys know, the video from the second night isn't from me. It is from somebody else, but the quality is much better than mine. Hopefully they don't mind. ^_^;

Miguel Gama





That's right, the otaku based stand up comedy show is ready to bring the laughs to this years Fanime!(lucky you)
A whole wide variety of comedians. On two different nights, you're going to get the best of seasoned vets and new comedians lampoon all the fandoms you hold dear(I told you it was fun).
a 16+ panel.

Update 05/08/2014:
So comedians, I've set up the order of who performs when:

The Comedy Club at Fanime-Saturday night
Registered Trademark/Dot gife
Denzel Walkes
Pierce Brown

The Return of The Comedy Club-Sunday night:
Miguel Gama

I sent an email with more detailed info. So check your inbox. If you didn't it, get pm me on here and I'll send you the info.

Also, we are accepting signs ups at the convention. So if there is time left over at the end of the panel, you may still be able to perform.

Update /3/21/2014:
We are fully confirmed for Fanime. The dates and times will be;
The Comedy Club at Fanime - Saturday, May 24th - 5pm to 7pm. Panels room 1 in the Fairmont.
The Return of The comedy Club - Sunday, May 25th -  4pm to 5pm. Panels room 1 in the Fairmont.

Also, all panels will now be in the Fairmont(which is why we're there of course).

And if you're interested in performing, don't forgot to apply. ^_^

How to apply. Newbies and experienced comedians are all welcome. There is no audition process.
Send an email with the following info.
Actual name (yes, it'll be kept private upon request):
phone number I can reach you during the convention:
How you want to be introduced before your performance(otherwise I just say your name):

Email to Make sure to put "COMEDY CLUB" in the subject line(any questions you have can also be sent to this address).
People who have performed in previous years at the comedy club get guaranteed spots.

And also be ready to memorize and time your sets, and make sure it is comedy relating to anything geeky(that's kind of a given but just to clear all bases).

This is a 16+ panel. You can swear and talk about sex, but don't get graphic. As long as your sentences aren't entirely make up of curse words and you don't mention every precise detail of certain sex acts, you should be fine.

You must have a badge during the time of the panel.

The Doctor

Neat. Really excited to see who else does it this year.

havok rt

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Hey haven't gotten an email response! You get my stuff okay?

The Doctor

Ditto. But doesnt he usually get to everyone about a month out? If I remember correctly.


I got everybody's emails. I usually wait for submissions to pile up before sending out a response.

I'm still waiting for Fanime to open up panel registration.


Hey, just emailed you. Looking forward to it.


A bump since I updated some info. Schedules and possible space for more people to sign up.


I really hate how the comedy club is always conflicting with Music Fest.  My boyfriend and I have wanted to go for many years, and the one year we decided to not go to Music Fest, that Saturday fell on a friend's birthday, and we went out to eat instead.

I'll definitely go on Sunday though.


Thank you to everyone that attended. You guys keep us pushing through. Videos will be in due time.


The Doctor