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Started by bahamutknightzero, February 14, 2014, 10:46:04 PM

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I had a bit of a question regarding the badge name /fan name for badges. Was thinking of using a particular fan name but I was not sure if it would be acceptable to use based on the rules. The fan name I was thinking of using was "Booty Bombshell" but I wanted to ask if that fan name would be okay to use? If the name is not acceptable, I have a backup name that is acceptable (the backup is something I've used before at past Fanimes as my main fan name, but for this year I was thinking of a new fan name). If anyone knows or can check to see if the name is okay, let me know.

Thanks ^^

Admiral Donuts

That sounds okay. I think the main stuff not allowed is stuff like slurs and curse words.