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Started by Admiral Donuts, February 18, 2014, 11:26:20 AM

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Admiral Donuts

For hotel questions that you don't want to make a full discussion thread about.

For the official Hotel FAQ, please see the CMR Hotel FAQ.

FanimeCon 2014 Housing

2013 Hotel FAQ Thread (Updated 3/2/12)

There's a lot of questions about shuttles in this sub-forum, here's what the official FAQ has to say:

Q: Is my hotel on the Convention Shuttle route?
A: Doubletree San Jose, San Jose Airport Hotel, and the Holiday Inn San Jose Airport are the only hotels on the complimentary shuttle route.

Q: Will the Shuttle take me to other places besides the Convention?
A: The Convention Shuttle only travels between the hotels and the convention site, and possibly meeting-related venues. Please check your onsite program materials.

Q: Do I have to pay to ride the Convention Shuttle?
A: No. So long as you have made your reservation through FanimeCon 2014 Housing service, the Convention Shuttle is a complimentary service provided for your convenience.

Q: How often does the Shuttle run?
A: Schedules may vary, but are posted in the lobby of hotels served by the shuttle.

Questions I have:
Do all the Hilton rooms have mini-fridges?
Do they allow alcohol around the Hilton pool?
Do Hilton TVs have HDMI input?


1. I don't know about all, but in the 4 years I stayed at the Hilton, there was always a mini fridge in my room.
2. No idea.
3. Yes, though you should bring your own cable.
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Admiral Donuts


I'm confused about the parking rate at the Hilton. On the housing site it says $11/night, but on the hotel website it says $22/night. Is it discounted for the con?



1. Yes but it depends if you get it or not.

2. No alcohol is allowed in the pool area. Safety reasons, no glass, sharp cans people can cut themselves on. Also drunk people tend to swan dive in 3ft deep pools/hot tubes. But once you see the pool it's not worth it if there is two people in it. The pool is jokingly small.

3. All TVs have input jacks. Bring your own connections.

4. Yes parking is discounted, but make sure you let the parking attendant give you the Hilton's parking receipt. Make sure they it take off your hotel bill, if playing separate. We almost got charged twice.
Our room mate was going to get charges full price because he don't the the vales ticket stub. Then afterwards parking was added to the room bill. Even though he paid for it.
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Not all rooms will have a mini fridge. But chances are you'll get one.
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