More Dance Machines/Rhythm games for the arcade

Started by megamanjoe415, February 18, 2014, 01:25:36 PM

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So in the past there used to be an itg machine running as an arcade cabinet. Can someone bring that again? Its been like 3 fanime's ago, maybe more.



Hihi~! Usually our arcade vendor decides what they can bring based on availability. If they have access to it, they will bring it.
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That Drummania and GuitarFreaks machines were a godsend. I haven't played them in a looong time, and seeing them last year really made me go ham on them. lol

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It's not Fanime unless there are Bemani games in the arcade. I always tend to play ParaPara but now been more into Dance Central, Just Dance, and Dance Masters on Kinect.


We are planning on bringing an ITG this year.

Drum, guitar and PPP will be there of course too.


So, there was no ITG this year and the games are still outdated to some extent. Initial D, Maximum Tune, etc. Needs more claw machines and better prizes. What would you guys want to see next year??

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I want to see something like the table flipping game they have in Japantown


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Thank you all for the feedback! We're exploring our options to see if can bring in Bemani games and hopefully a ITG machine for 2015.
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So I heard of this game called Neon FM full of different types of music dubstep, glitch hop(first time I've heard of that), Electro house. Stuff like that. It looks like an amazing rhythm game that anyone could get into. Kinda like Pop'n music... except way more simplistic in design 3 buttons on the bottom 2 on the top. It looks really awesome. Hell I'm not really that into rhythm games anymore and I'd try it out just for the range of types of music it has. I honestly think this would be a great addition to the arcade if you could get it.


Pop n music please :>

And although I'm not good at claw machines, it would be nice to see more of them.
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Please, all I ask is that you have Dance Mania X. My favorite game evar!
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Game room has been one of my new favorite things at Fanime. As long as there's air hockey, a rail shooter, and something like DDR, I'll be happy. Thanks for the hard work every year. <3
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