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This is mostly a joke (aka GET OFF MY LAWN), but it is so cool to me that we have our own subforum. My first fandom was Sailormoon, and I was never a forum person, so I've never experienced this kind of conversation (I am also a little old, y'all).

Do any of you have any relatable fandom experiences that might help out the young Homestucks? I see a lot of dismissive stuff and folks saying it will drop off after the series ends, but my anecdata is merely that I have never stopped cosplaying Sailormoon characters, and it's been off the air for ages. Plus, I think Homestuck has enough cosplay fodder for at least ten more years. Maybe more.

My positive fandom experience of these past few years:
I read Homestuck and decided off the cuff to throw together some cosplay. Just by doing that, I met friends that I would never have connected with, began doing panels, and met someone incredibly special. This could be said for any anime, game, or interest. Think about that! It is really profound to me that humans flock together like this, over entertainment. I mean, that's why we HAVE conventions like Fanime.

Homestuck, to me, is just like any other convention fandom (I have seen many), and with time, I think the non-Homestuck perspective of it will change. I remember people being annoyed that cosplayers were coming in video game costumes (IKR?), tv show costumes, etc. Change annoys people.

Just for glob's sake SEAL YOUR PAINT and look into PAX/fabric body paint solutions. Na'vi and Mystique cosplayers don't get the stink-eye in full body paint, why should we?

Just rambling thoughts. I'm glad to have a place to put them in the Fanime forums. :)


Having gone the rout of body paint, let me just say arm socks are the way to go.
Not having to worry about rubbing off on people is a blessing.
And also being able to hug people is awesome.

But I agree with everything you're saying! I hope the negative feedback for some fandoms can stop. I've noticed similar feelings towards MLP and such and it's sad because there is clearly a REASON why so many people flock to it. And most people who have a negative view of it haven't even taken the time to read or watch it. It's kind of just the "hate it because it's popular" thing.


You know, I swear by using fabric paint as body paint (it's way cheaper than PAX) and it works really well with my skin. The arm socks I've made have all irritated the webbing between my fingers horribly since the only way I can figure how to keep the stitches from causing runs in the stocking material is nail polish, fraycheck, glue...all crusty and sharp by the time I finish. I've never rubbed off on anyone (TWSS) luckily.


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You know, I swear by using fabric paint as body paint (it's way cheaper than PAX) and it works really well with my skin.

When doing that, you have to make sure it's specifically nontoxic on skin. Some acrylic/fabric paints aren't safe for skin.
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Ah, nooooo, don't use paint that isn't meant for skin on your skin. Even if it says "non-toxic" on the label, it's still not formulated for prolonged contact with skin and could still contain some nasty things that you don't want on your skin all day. It's really bad for your skin, too.

As for armsocks, try to find something advertised as tights rather than pantyhose, since those tend to be thicker and less likely to run (though they'll still get holes in them, they won't actually run), and look for things advertised as being less likely to run. I think microfiber tights would probably work well. If you get something that doesn't run, you don't have to worry about using some sort of glue substance to keep the seams together. (I've darned almost all of my tights when they've gotten holes in them with no problem, and I've never had a pair of tights -- made out of a thicker, more opaque material that is knit differently from pantyhose -- run)


It's funny to be on the other end of this argument for once! That is usually my line, but I have done a LOT of research on this, because PAX gets hella pricey.

I do agree with checking the ingredients of anything you put on your body. That is crazy important. And I have a slight latex allergy, so while I don't have sensitive skin and have had no problems with this method, I do recognize that folks with more sensitive skin or allergies may want to stick with armsocks.

I have been a professional makeup artist, and while the fabric paint isn't something I would eat or smear on mucous membranes, it is definitely ok for some folks to use it as a replacement for PAX (pros-aide and acrylic paint). YMMV, so do a test patch on an area of skin for a day or two to make sure your skin won't react, and keep in mind that it can be harder for your pores to breathe (I have read that this is psychological, but I have seen some people get a little faint by the end of the day with a lot of paint on. I am lucky enough to be able to wear it for a full three con-days without feeling stifled).
I'm actually MORE comfortable with fabric paint than I am with PAX. It is slightly less sticky. Still needs A LOT of powdering down or it will stick to itself. And I did shave my arms to be certain it would be easy to remove after-con.

The biggest downside for me is that it needs several reapplications on the hands. Although it doesn't smear on things, it does peel from your knuckles, fingertips, and palms (for me, less frequently than my girlfriend, but again, I got a lucky skin-type).

As for the suitability of "non-toxic" things on skin, as long as you do a patch test and keep non-cosmetics away from your face and mucous membranes, do a lot of research, and THINK before you do will be as fine as any other person who buys stage makeup marked "for professional use only."


I would like to share a short story of how I first got into Homestuck! The very first convention I saw Homestuck cosplayers at I asked whom they were or were cosplaying or what they were from. They were extremely rude and seemed to portray this 'if you don't know you aren't worth our time' attitude.
  So for a long while I was turned off to looking into Homestuck. But after several more conventions seeing people cosplay from it and seeing the real love people have for it I decided to give it a try. I had a small group of friends that went to cons with me and NONE of them were willing to give it a try at all. So alone I read it and alone I fell in love with it. At that point I never cosplayed and I was so shy to and didn't know how so when I saw Homestuck cosplayers at cons I felt like a family member that was left out (only cause I was shy) since I didn't 'look like them'. I wasn't a kid or a troll so I thought if I went to talk to them that they would not realize I was just as much a fan as them.
  But since I've been cosplaying (I have never full grayed but I made horns, got a wig, made a shirt, ext) and attending/ helping set up gatherings I've made so many friends and I almost come to tears because Homestuck to me is not just a webcomic or a fandom but it is a FAMILY and a COMMUNITY. When one of us is sad or feeling bad about a cosplay someone makes fun of, there is always a Homestuck friend that may not have even met you besides online and may live far away but they will show you care and love.
   This is the nicest fandom I've every experienced and I encourage everyone to give it a chance for themselves (not for anyone else!) and yes there are some bad apples but there are in all randoms and in life in general. For anyone who read my intro to the Homestuck Fandom, thank you for your time. This means so much to me and you are all my family.
- Ciello


It's reeeeaaallllyyyyy weird, HS cosplayers are some of the friendliest people I know... them and Hetalia cos.
But yeah, I went to NorCal Spring cosplay gathering and a lot of pplz only stayed within their fandoms!
HOWEVER, and this is before I really got into homestuck, I was in SNK cos and I had soooo much fun playing cards against humanity with them, as well as dancing around! A month later I ran into them again at Yume-con! (Shout out to Karkat and Nepeta) Again fun, we played ninja and hung out (ps I was in Hetalia cosplay). Now here comes Fanime 2015 and I'm soooo ready to cosplay Meenah, I even made a 2x3dent! Shout out if you see me!