Puella Magi/PMMM Gathering 2014

Started by tsukitea, March 09, 2014, 02:39:13 PM

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Hello! I'm Dest(pekokuzu @tumblr) and this is my second time hosting a gathering. Like last year, we will be doing all three series(Madoka/Kazumi/Oriko), if nobody is cosplaying from Kazumi or Oriko, I will take them off the list. There are going to be spoilers at the gathering, come at your own risk! I also have 2 co-hosts Mei(meilinnobaka @tumblr) & Ro(fauntaur @tumblr)

WARNING: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day/Time: Saturday 11AM
Location: G4 / Riser Stage Area

Attendees: Total people: 18
+ means they have someone in their group!
* means a maybe

Madoka Magica
Madoka Kaname: seresutia
Homura Akemi: takaomi47, CielloRegalo
Nagisa Momoe: vodka, Mi Feng
Mami Tomoe: cassiecloud*, mama zilly+*, YaoiCat, seresutia+
Sayaka Miki: Motoko
Kyouko Sakura: CielloRegalo+, mama zilly
Bear Magical Girl: keitoghostie*
Charolette: helloopandee, quizzicalities
Homucifer: Kelly, ryka-the-fallen
Godoka: gollydoka

Photography Order:

  • Group shot
  • Main group(Homura, Madoka, Sayaka, Mami, Kyouko, Nagisa)
  • Magi outfit Group shot
  • School Uniform/Casual Group shot
  • Witches/Familiars
  • Individual Characters
  • Pairings/Groups
  • Requests
  • Final Group shot


Tentatively attending as the puella magi who bearly made it into the anime

(I usually call her Bear Girl)


Co-host Mei here!

I am pleased to announce that we have been scheduled for Saturday, 12 pm at G4! Hope to see you there!


hello!! i'm going as goddess madoka! i'll be without wings, though! (*´・v・)
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Everyone that has commented so far has been put on the list!


hopefully i can make this years gathering (the persona gathering is at the same time 8T)
but if i make i'll be coming as Mami and i'll be bringing Charlotte with me!


Same here, I would like to attend if the Shinkgeki no Kyoujin (SNK) gathering is immediately after this and I would need to change super fast then...

Otherwise, I would attend as Miki Sayaka.

If this were earlier or later or a different day, I would probably do it with more time assurances.


Quote from: Motoko on March 24, 2014, 03:48:43 PM
Same here, I would like to attend if the Shinkgeki no Kyoujin (SNK) gathering is immediately after this and I would need to change super fast then...

Otherwise, I would attend as Miki Sayaka.

If this were earlier or later or a different day, I would probably do it with more time assurances.

Same here, yeah!


hey guys! one of the cohosts and the resident nagisa here! the host and i are trying to move the panel to 11am on saturday to make it so that you snk cosplayers can change in time to hit up both gatherings, if that will work! we're going to put you on the list tentatively for now just to get the headcount up, but we're hoping that by moving it fowards an hour we can avoid any scheduling conflicts and still have a really awesome pmmm gathering with as many people as possible!
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I think that's doable.
Thank you for being understanding about this.
I realize it is not a small feat to change times especially now.
I realize also scheduling conflicts will happen but hopefully this will settle it now.
(NOW I hope it doesn't conflict with my performance on Stage Zero...which I haven't heard back from about yet...certainly hope it won't fall on the time during the PMMM gathering or SNK gathering as well.....here's to hoping)
But with this time slot I should be able to come as Sayaka.
I'll wait for any updates you guys may have.
So thank you once again in advance and hope things work out. =)


so the fanime gathering organizer messaged me back and told me that 11am on saturday is a gathering for all cosplayers, which conflicts with traffic and we might get more madoka cosplayers if we have the gathering at 12pm.

would you guys still attend if the gathering was held on 10am on saturday instead?


Hmm, well I can't speak for everyone.
But that would be okay (hopefully I can do make up and such in time and not be late either).
Perhaps others can also offer their input?
I think I would be okay with it...if it's 10am.

Mi Feng

I'll be there as Bebe and I definitely put my vote in for 10am on Saturday. :)


I'll be there as casual Homura with my casual Kyoko :)


the list has been updated! (i'm still debating if i want the gathering on sat 10am because it also conflicts with my schedule but ill update everyone asap!)


As far as time goes I'm leaning towards 12pm instead of 10am - even though I'm also cosplaying SnK, there's a panel at 10am that day that I'd like to attend, but either way I'm pretty flexible (unless there's a conflict with the panels I'm running - at this point they haven't been scheduled :c)
EDIT: it turns out I was wrong about a couple scheduling things and now 10am is completely open with me!

mama zilly

I'll be there as magical girl Kyouko, and I might have a magical girl Mami with me :)
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SAT: Kyoko Sakura, Ryuko Matoi
SUN: sweet lolita
M: Moemura (?)
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Hopefully this gathering can find a time that will work out for everyone.
Seems like there is still some unresolved issues.
I'm sure the organizers are doing their best so I'm grateful for their efforts.
I still think that 12pm noon is still too close to the SNK gathering which starts at 1:30 (or for me 1:20)
Doesn't leave a lot of time for me to even change...
Hopefully there won't be any conflicts.


the gathering as been moved to 11am on saturday!

i hope that everyone can still attend!


I think 11am Saturday would work for me.
Probably will make it with enough time for the SNK gathering as well.
So that's good~
Hopefully there will be a good time to be had by all. =)