UNOFFICIAL FanimeCon 2014 Cosplay Gatherings Calender

Started by Admiral Donuts, March 09, 2014, 09:31:43 PM

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Admiral Donuts

So I decided to put together a calender so people could easily get an idea about when what gathering is happening. If you're planning a gathering and haven't found a day or time yet, it might be useful for you.

Not all gatherings are on there, and times and locations are, as usual, subject to change. Always check the gathering thread for the most up-to-date information. All gatherings I've put in the calender include the URL for the forum thread in the description.

Web version, if you just want to view :

Google Calender version, if you're a Google Calender and/or Android user:

ICAL download:

XML script:

I'll try to keep it updated as gatherings get added/updated. If I've made a mistake or you have any comments or questions, send me a PM or drop me an e-mail, [email protected]


I like the idea behind this post, but I would wait until B has posted the official list before putting this out there, mostly because gatherings may or may not happen, or their day/times may change due to scheduling conflicts. There is also the possibility of cosplayers becoming confused if information isn't updated/missing. I would suggest PMing BSaphire with this idea and the proposal to work with her, so all infoation is streamlined and uniform.
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When I view it, all the gatherings are an hour ahead.
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