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Started by Kuudere, March 11, 2014, 09:44:37 AM

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I noticed that Clockwork Alchemy links to this forum as a way for its members to communicate. Assuming that they don't have plans to create their own forums, would it be okay to give them a separate subforum area?

I know that for myself, I would like to request guests for them to invite, but there's really no proper place here to do that without it getting hidden under Fanime-centered replies and I don't know if their staff will even see it.


I would need someone from Clockwork Alchemy to monitor and administer that subforum.

If someone on CA staff with sufficient experience is willing to do so, then they should reach out to me.


I messaged the Chair of Clockwork Alchemy, so we'll see if this is something they're interested in doing. I think it could really benefit them to have that space, and kind of bridge the gap between our conventions.

Admiral Donuts

I was really curious about that, too. It looks like they mostly use Facebook for "forums" stuff.


If they want to have a subforum, and they reach out to me, then we'll make it happen.

Thank you for the valid and important question.