Karaoke Contest Contestant Chat [2014]

Started by marisuga, March 13, 2014, 06:55:48 AM

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So who's excited for the contest this year!? I know I am! I already have both my songs picked out, hoping to do better than 7th this year :)

This thread is to chat about things other than the rules!


ur getting a pretty good start on it.
i know last year supersheba started the contestant chat but yay for the head start
i actually just sent a PM to hank wondering when 2014 rules and stuff will be posted

at least you made it to finals :p so good job
i'm again just going out to have fun
but obviously secretly hoping to make it into finals hahaha
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I still need to memorize my lyrics, but I'd definitely like to participate again!  This'll be my third time.

By the way, anyone know where I can find a karaoke track for Believe?  This song: http://youtu.be/zRkOxSlZCbM


@Sygmus; I usually just google the single and check to see if there's a voiceless version on the album. If it's from an anime, you can generally find most karaoke tracks on like gendou or something.

I'm really excited for the contest this year too! I didn't make it to SakuraCon last year either so I couldn't defend my title in their contest, so I'm entering at Fanime to make sure I'm not getting rusty. It's fun to make friends at events like this, so I don't really care how well I place as much (although I hear the big prize at Fanime's contest is pretty sweet) Enjoying the contest is my top priority. :)
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I'm wicked stoked for fanime karaoke this year! Last year was hella fun...now I just gotta pick out songs for this year haha
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I'm ready for it! :D Getting warmed up and psyched for this! :D
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Quote from: coriechan on March 18, 2014, 08:44:36 PM
I'm wicked stoked for fanime karaoke this year! Last year was hella fun...now I just gotta pick out songs for this year haha

Hey Corie!  Also, thanks marisuga, for starting the thread in my place.  How's everyone doing!  I'm stoked too.  I am still looking at songs, though.  :B


I already have my routine picked out...for the Gong Show ;D


I haven't been able to find how to get into the contest and what really happens, I haven't participated yet and I would like some pointers maybe? Like what do I have to know and do?


This year may be the last year attending fanimecon for me.  I've been attending since 2003 straight buying full weekend badges.  I've also competed in karaoke contest almost every year. But this year, I'm getting married and memorial day weekend is one of the valuable break for my fiancee, so we may travel somewhere next year on.

So, I WILL get to finals this year and end my years of fanime fandom with a big smile! 
I WILL DO IT!p(*`・ω・´*)q
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Excited about Karaoke Contest!!


I'm going all out this year, I made up a dance for the instrumental in one of them ahaha


I'm really behind on things this year! T_T  Are signups still open for the contest?

Either way, looking forward to hearing everyone sing! :D
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Sign-ups have not even opened up yet.  They usually open in either the first or second week of May.  The rules haven't even been posted yet.  Marisuga is just carrying on a tradition that I started.  We set up a contestant chat so we don't flood the rules topic with unrelated content.  We're still waiting on the rules, but when they're posted, they usually include a preliminary sign-up date. 


Looking into joining the competition this year, being a chance to practice my performing skills :)
Anyone looking into J-Pop Idol at J-Pop Summit Festival this year? The info is up on their site, if anyone is interested.


Lanislori, that's a great idea!  The karaoke contest is a great way to improve your performance skills.  Best of luck!


Say say say!~ Hardogay wants to karaoke this year too!

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I won't be able to make the contest this year because I'll be getting into the con late on Friday, but I'll still be around for open mic all weekend (probably even right after the contest on Friday night, as well). I already have a few songs picked out. ;] (some more serious, some super ridiculous, and some a combination of both, haha~)

Good luck to everyone participating!


First one ever this year! Excited, but at the same time a bit nervous. I'm going to be the Maou Sadao from Hataraku Maou-sama. Oh and I'm probably going to try to enter for JPOP too, seems like fun.