Cosplay Wrestling Federation 2014 (16+) [APPROVED Sunday 11AM-1PM, Signups open]

Started by DaKree~, March 19, 2014, 01:21:19 PM

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San Jose, CA, are you ready?

Are you ready for the most electrifying show in sports entertainment?

Do you think you're Tough Enough to take on the Undisputed CWF Champion on the biggest stage?

Cosplay Wrestling Federation is a non-physical competitive event featuring the contestants portraying a character inspired by anime, gaming, or pop culture, or even an entirely original character that you have developed, to gain the attention, love, or hate from the audience with their mic skills and stage presence (however, direct portrayals of existing professional wrestlers are not permitted for this event). After our tremendously successful debut at Anime Los Angeles, we would love to bring it to our own home quarters, the Bay Area.

For more information about the format of our show, photos and soon footage of our debut event at Anime Los Angeles, come check our Facebook page through our link below.

Like the many other hopeful panelists, we have not been given a time, location, or even the thumbs up for us to have this panel this year at Fanime. However, we will be still accepting applications for wrestling hopefuls. Again, there will be no actual fighting or physicality involved, opening the door for everyone to apply.

Facebook page:

Debut show footage:

Application and more information:

Admiral Donuts


Quote from: Admiral Donuts on March 21, 2014, 02:10:30 PM
So what do you actually do on stage...?

On stage, contestants cut promos where they try to appeal or insult the crowd in order to bolster their image much like what a pro wrestler would do in the ring right before a major match. As contestants progress, the promos are less scripted and ultimately they face off against the reining champion in a on one one battle of mic skills.


To have a better understanding of what cosplay wrestling is, check out our podcast, as G was a special guest talking about it!

check out our site, we cover all the latest news on both anime and video games and also we have a podcast


We've just been approved for Sunday, 11AM-1PM. We are still looking for champion hopefuls, so please fill out the forum and contact us if you're interested. :)