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Author Topic: AA Table Sharing Thread  (Read 3779 times)

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Re: AA Table Sharing Thread
« Reply #20 on: April 10, 2014, 04:09:17 PM »


My name is Nainu and like many others, I am in need of some table space!  I've been attending Fanime artist alley since 2006, and its become something that I look forward to every year. This would have been my 8th year at the AA, however I seemed to have lucked out in getting a table.   

I am willing to provide the following to my table mate!

*A Hotel room  (if you are in need of a place to stay. I am rooming with two of my close friends but we are all very nice and clean people. )

*I will Pay my half for the table  OR  Pay full price for the table. 

*Food!  Everyone loves food! 

*I can watch your items and give you time to explore the con! 

*And anything else you may need.

I am selling Prints and a few craft and plush items. Ill be bringing some pvc piping and some display material. 

 Here are a couple of links to my work for examples;





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Re: AA Table Sharing Thread
« Reply #21 on: April 19, 2014, 09:33:20 PM »

Hi!  I was accepted to artist alley and am looking for someone to split the table with!  I am a prints/buttons/charms artist and will be bringing my 1.5inch button maker with me.  Please send me an email at curfmanh@yahoo.com if you are interested.  I am traveling from Seattle so anyone with a pvc print display would be extra helpful so I dont have to lug one on the plane with me.

Please send me examples of your work and previous AA displays and any other helpful information so I can find someone who I will mesh well with. :))  Thanks!

A few examples of my work can be found here:  alagaesha-art.tumblr.com

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