High school singles room?

Started by ninagarnet, April 13, 2014, 12:55:22 AM

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Could this be a thing? Can we even do something like this with minors?

It would be an event i'd be willing to organize. (But i'm younger than 18. I don't know if i could)

I've seen high school aged Fanime goers complain about how they wish they could go to the speed dating event but can't for obvious reasons.

But what if we had a room oriented toward singles in high school? We could just have little 2 person tables with a sheet of anime related ice breakers taped on them and just have them mingle, without the rush of speed dating, but have a 8 minute cap on each 2 person table.

We'd have everyone have to show either a current 8th grade school id or current high school id at the door. We could even have people wear different colored wristbands depending on their sexuality.

Would people be interested in this happening?
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I'm sure there is interest, but I think the convention would have strong hesitations about such an event involving minors. If we were comfortable with it being all-ages, it would have been in the first place.
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isn't high school one big speed dating event already, LOL?
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Thank you for the suggestion and thought you've put into this topic.

However anything involving minors would include parental approval and strict guidelines to enforce any legal issues. There are too many factors to deal with if we had a "speed dating" event for minors (under 18YO) especially if grave situations such as age of consent problems, stalking, inappropriateness, accusations, etc. were to happen.

FanimeCon is one big friendly hang-out! Suggestions to attend multiple events and meet new people would be fun as well. Until then, hang tight till you're 18!

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What about some sort of cosplay "prom"? Fanime is around prom season...


If you're looking for a bit of a "prom" setting they've already got you covered with the Black & White Ball. :)


Quote from: phr34kish on April 27, 2014, 11:21:39 AM
If you're looking for a bit of a "prom" setting they've already got you covered with the Black & White Ball. :)

True story: My senior year, my friends and I went to Black and White Ball instead of our senior prom. It was half as expensive, it was something I was already going to pay for anyway, and it felt way more fun.
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