Vocaloid Gathering 2014~

Started by ICosplayNeji, April 17, 2014, 08:56:47 PM

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If anyone is on tumblr, I made a post advertising the gathering! I'm hoping it will help to bring in more people :)



Bump, bump, bumping up to the front :)


Hey~ It's creaturesfivefingers from tumblr. I will definitely be coming and stuff. :3

Do you guys want me to bring anything?
I might be able to bring a portable stereo/boom box type thingy and play all types of Vocaloid songs.

If you guys want me to bring it, just tell me so and then tell me what types of things you want on the CD, what kinds of things you DON'T want on the CD, and maybe even specific songs and stuff and I'll see what I can do.

(I was thinking to at least add the songs of the Vocaloids that are being cosplayed, maybe one or two from the Kagerou Project, stuff by Hachi, Yuyoyuppe, GigaP, Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P, hachiouji-P/8#Prince, Yusuhiko, as well as some demo songs, covers of songs, and other iconic, super well done, and popular songs -that AREN'T really obnoxious and squeaky, lol-)


Sorry for such a late notice but I'll be going as Matryoshka Kagamine Rin and my friend will be going as Matryoshka Luka.


I would love to go, and normally I would as I have attended every year since 2010, but I'm gonna be at the B&W ball x_x


I can't wait to see everyone today at 5:30!


Thanks to everyone who attended this year! The turnout was wonderful and everyone looked amazing :)

The dancing video I took should be up in about a week. I'll post a link here when it's up!


Here's some photos of the gathering [mixed in with random Fanime stuff, but the Vocaloid gathering is mostly in one area~]! https://www.facebook.com/xichisex/media_set?set=a.10203102677919855.1073741830.1593625681&type=3

FanimeCon Cosplay 2013


Hello all! I may be cosplaying Vocaloid again next year. If I am, I can run the gathering again. I mean, if anyone else wants to, they can! But I'll be here as backup XD

Bacterial Contamination Miku is currently a Wip for me and my gf is working on Circus Monster Luka :)


kind of a dumb question but i'm legitimately curious-- would this gathering encompass Blackā˜†Rock Shooter or would there be a totally different gathering for that?

otherwise, i do have plans for a drop pop candy luka but i'm unsure if i'll go through with her or not.


Just out of curiosity, how many cosplayers attended the vocaloid gathering for Fanime 2014?
I remember in previous years it was really huge.
So I was just seeing what it was like...cause I'm thinking about attending for 2015 but not certain as of yet.
Just wanted to see about how it was like now after a few years had passed.