[WTB] Magic the Gathering cards

Started by Admiral Donuts, April 24, 2014, 12:06:59 AM

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Admiral Donuts

I got back into playing Magic after a twenty year hiatus and I'm looking to expand my library. If anybody brings singles for sale to swap meet I'll probably browse, but I'm also looking to make some kind of bulk purchase. If you've got a mixed collection of cards you want to offload at once, let me know.


I have a ton of rares that I'm bringing to swapmeet by a ton I mean about 5 or so binders full but if ur looking for commons or uncommons in bulk I can bring some. My stuff goes from revised all the way up to current. By the way pre release is this weekend for the new set if u didn't already know. hahaha

Admiral Donuts

I had no idea, dunno if there's an event going on where I am.

If you want to offload a bunch of common/uncommon let me know how many cards for how much and we'll see if we can work something out. Right now I'm seeing deals with hundreds or thousands of cards selling for a penny a card or less, but I'd rather spend my money at swap meet and save on shipping.

Not too picky about what I get, I have absolutely no land and only a couple hundred cards of all colors.

Admiral Donuts

Specific stuff I'm looking for:

  • Cards that have to do with banding
  • Legendaries to build an EDH deck around
  • Squirrels and Squirrel-related cards


Shame I didn't know about this earlier. I could have sold you a whole, solid Chainer deck. I just sold the nine most expensive cards from it on eBay to pay for con stuff. Well I've got a binder with some good EDH stuff in it. Cards in my binder are a minimum of $5 each, and they range up to about $30. PM me if you're interested. If you manage to complete a deck before con ends, I would be happy to play some games and teach you what I know.