Acoustikaraoke 2014

Started by jedisurvivor, April 26, 2014, 10:29:38 PM

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Hi all-
I didn't see a thread for Acoustikaraoke, so I thought I'd start one, especially since I have a question about it. :)

What kinds of songs are allowed?  The rules for the regular karaoke contest say that a song needs to be from "anime, vocaloid, video game, or J-rock/J-pop."  Does this extend to Acoustikaraoke as well?  If I wanted to make an arrangement of a song from a video game originally released in Japan, would that be allowed?

Thank you!


what is the difference between the AcoustiKaraoke and the regular karaoke? :o


Acoustic karaoke is when you get people together and use real instruments and stuff.  Regular karaoke you just get a track and sing to that.  :D


We do allow a single, unplugged instrument in the main contest, but anything more complicated than that is for the Acoustikaraoke contest.

Acoustikaraoke is also for folks who want to perform a cappella renditions or any other reinterpretations. The judging weighs creativity more heavily than in the main contest, which is a straight up gauge of singing ability.

I will be posting the Acoustikaraoke contest rules and details tomorrow.