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Anime Vinyl Decals for windows, laptops, or whatever

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Me and my husband make vinyl decals that you can put on your car windows, laptops, game systems, or even your walls.
We have a lot of designs to choose from and we can do custom orders. If there is something you'd like but you don't see it there, we can probably still do it. We'll be at fanime if you would rather meet up in person to buy something :)

In addition to sharing our shop, we are always looking for suggestions of other cool designs to do so we would totally appreciate any ideas you guys have!

Thanks a bunch!

Do you do Miku/Vocaloid vinyl decals?

Very cool. How long does it take to do custom orders?


--- Quote from: HeeroYuy135 on May 01, 2014, 04:43:11 PM ---Do you do Miku/Vocaloid vinyl decals?

--- End quote ---

I do. I'll be in the artist's alley.

Pink power ranger? Power rangers?


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