[WTS] Last Minute Props: Kill la Kill Scissor Blade

Started by taymakes, May 04, 2014, 01:38:08 PM

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Howdy y'all. Pretty sure this is the place to do this - but if I'm wrong, forum mods forgive me! (Thanks, mods!)

I'm finishing up my current KLK scissor blade for personal cosplay at Fanime this year - however, I can make more! Thing is, I just need to know ASAP. I'm just putting out a quick post in case someone was in desperate need or knew that they wanted one right this instant.

Depending upon how many people (if any) are interested, I can determine prices and whatnot. At least 2 would be a good number! That way I can do some proper resin-casting instead of just using plain old MDF.

If you were to order a commission, I'd have you pay a sum upfront (for materials) and then the rest at Fanime for a pickup! If you've got questions about quality, I'm always here to answer. :)

Thanks a lot guys,



I'm actually a little curious about cost.
It would be a great gift for a friend of mine who really likes KLK.
Any other technical specifications would be great....length, weight, etc.
However I would need to ship it, so I can deal with that, but I would like to see what the information is first that I'm wondering about.
Thanks. =)

It looks great so far from what I've seen.
I don't suppose you can make other props?
I'm looking for one specifically.



Dimensions: 48" x 12" x 1/2"
Weight: (depends upon material chosen.) If MDF, haven't calculated IRL yet cuz paint's still drying.
Calculated assuming 700 kg/m^3 density, approximately 69.4 cubic inches comes out to be 1.7 lbs.

Cost will also depend upon the material chosen (and also how many I have to make). To give you a solid estimate, ~150$. (Assuming pickup) 75$ upfront and 75$ upon receipt. For comparison, other vendors offering the same item go higher.

I can make other props, but I'm on a limited time-frame. If you have something in mind you can PM me and I'll tell you how feasible it is. It may cost more simply because of my time-constraints.


Bumping to post image of completed prop.

I've updated my Storenvy to reflect the listings, as well!