Started by DangerHeart, May 05, 2014, 09:54:55 AM

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I haven't seen a general thread for this yet, so sorry if it was already made and I just happened to miss it.

What are the cheapest parking garages/lots in the area? My roommates are insanely cheap when it comes to parking costs a hotels, so we're looking for somewhere else that won't charge as much if its possible.


For starters, look around this site and see if it helps:
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Huh...dunno if it's just me, but those rates don't seem nearly as bad as they were a few years ago.  I know back in 2009, my roommate and I got a rude surprise when the lot we were in charged for both night AND day, and the night details hadn't exactly been visible from the car when we went in.  From what I gathered after, seemed like a lot of lots were charging both day and night fees as well.  However, for most of those lots on the interactive map I'm only seeing flat rates for days, so maybe parking has become a bit fairer in the last few years.  Or maybe I'm just crazy and my roommate and I happened to pick a bad lot that year.