Free Stuff Table?

Started by mongun, May 07, 2014, 04:24:33 PM

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I am wondering on the table where there is free postcards/pamphlets, and the like that is usually in the high traffic area near Stage Zero. What are the policies for having postcards and flyers? Would I need to apply and pay a fee to leave postcards of my business? I have been an attendee for about 3 years and just wondering what are the policy for leaving stuff on those particular tables. Thanks!

Jesse Uppercut

I have left some business cards myself just in passing on those tables without prior notice and I have seen many others leave their own pamphlets and flyers, so I don't believe there is a specific policy, application or fee to leave postcards, etc. I would imagine they might have a Volunteer watching over those tables if there was a strong concern.
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Just make sure it's nothing obscene or adult in nature. Should be ok


Alright will do! Thanks guys!