[ Seeking ] Laser cut artist

Started by Hachimitsu-ink, May 12, 2014, 02:33:15 AM

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a while a go I purchased a wayfinder from a guy who does laser cutting and I really thought itlooked cool, but now I kinda need some help!..
I really want this to be cut the same way that guy did with the wayfinder and I don't know how to reach him...

heres the image i have that needs to be laser cut...

and this is the wayfinder i purchased (LAST FANIME ago)


so uhm... again I really need help because cutting a laserdisc is more troublesome than i thought it would.


You want to make that?

That's a nice jewellery project. Lots of layers and parts there. You could make all the individual parts from acrylic with a laser cutter, paint them with lacquers to get the colors, and glue them together. Lots of thin parts; it would be fragile. It's not a good design for a laser cutter job. Laser cutters are strictly 2D devices.

You could make the whole thing on a 3D printer. This is a good 3D printer project - thin, not too much volume. 


no no i just want the historia Symbols only...
ANything purple is not what I needed because that belongs to the sword

again it's not meant to be a jewelry its actually a very large piece O_O!...sorta...
well it is abit larger than the size of a wayfinder..

but I understand what your saying.. but again i ran out of income for the materials and the time v_v since as of now i have to go support my counsins.....graduation >:(

I cannot bring my projects with me so Today was the final day to work..

question: when you say acryclic.. you meant paint right? or is this another term for Plastic sheet?


Oh, you just want an engraving job. That's easy to do with a laser cutter. Find somebody with a TechShop or Hacker Dojo membership to do it for you. Both places have laser cutters. I'm too busy between now and Clockwork Alchemy to do it.

There are lots of things you can engrave with laser cutters which change color when hit with the laser. See "laserbits.com" for materials. Or you can just paint over something and laser away the paint layer to reveal the color underneath. Green paint over sheet brass would match the colors in the picture. You can get brass sheet at Alan Steel and Supply in Redwood City. Brass is currently about $10/pound there, but thin sheet isn't too expensive.