Fanime and Cards Against Humanity

Started by abcbadcat, May 12, 2014, 01:03:38 PM

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I wanted to clarify this before I brought my set but is Cards Against Humanity banned at Fanime? I may have briefly overheard this last year but I wanted to confirm.

I could understand why the convention would feel that way but it's a harmless card game. It's not like we're trying to show a German stuff film *coughSERBIANcough*

so Fanime, what say you?!?


I'd be rather surprised. I mean AOD plays it with their guests of honor.

Admiral Donuts

I don't think so, we played it out in the main area last year.


I prefer to play this game in the privacy of my home so strangers don't find out how cynical I can be.   :o  Have you tried it where the winner must act out the winning phrase?

EDIT:  Though probably better not at Fanime LOL...
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Hm, that's an interesting thought. I played this with a round-table full of friends and some con-goers on the first floor right below the stairs last year on Saturday night. They really didn't say anything to us but I also left early due to a bit of exhaustion.
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I'm sure if you use common sense (don't scream out cards with profanity when there are little kids walking by, that kind of thing) it won't be a problem.
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