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Author Topic: FanimeCon 2014 Gong Show Rules  (Read 1175 times)

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FanimeCon 2014 Gong Show Rules
« on: May 19, 2014, 07:48:05 PM »

FanimeCon 2014 Gong Show! Rules

So bad...yet so good.

Taking place Sunday night at 10PM, the Karaoke Gong Show is for those brave and thick-skinned souls who are hellbent on creating most uniquely terrible, yet entertaining, karaoke performances.

Our performers (and commentators) can be quite imaginative, so we recommend 18 and over for this event!

Contestants should expect to be laughed at by the audience and subject to scathing judge commentary. Our panel of judges for this contest are specially selected for their lack of tact and love of punching below the belt. Thick skin, a good sense of humor, and a strong sense of self-parody are all highly recommended for this event. If your feelings are easily hurt, you should not sign up for this event (but you should still come and watch!)

To sign up for this contest, come to the Karaoke room (Ballroom C SJCC) any time starting on Friday. You can bring your own music on a CD or USB key, or choose a song from our song library.

How It Works
You will be allowed to perform for at least 30 seconds. After that, when the judges can take no more, the gong may be struck. Once the gong sounds, you must stop performing.

Contestants are encouraged to be creative, unique, and absolutely awful - a good entry will not only satirize the act of singing itself, but do so in a manner which is interesting enough to prevent their being gonged. This includes, but is not limited to, costumes, dances, group configurations, horrifying vocals, general concept, etc.

Contestants may not behave in any inappropriate manner that otherwise violates FanimeCon conduct policies, including (but not limited to) the following: nudity, inappropriate costumes, weapons, etc. You must stay on the stage until gonged. You may not throw anything into the audience (or at the judges) or make a mess on the stage.

Contestants must stop performing when the fateful gong has been delivered. Then, if they dare, they can stay on stage and face the judges. You are not required to remain on stage.

Although we use the term loosely, “awards” will be given out for particularly infamous performances, with a “Worst of Show” to the contestant who creates the perfect blend of auditory horror and entertainment. Unlike the original TV version, prizes are not awarded specifically for staying on stage.
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