Wotagei Workshop (fan event for FanimeCon 2014) (Approved)

Started by EdOfNoName, May 20, 2014, 09:23:09 PM

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Join us for a Wotagei Workshop (or Otagei Workshop if you prefer) at FanimeCon 2104 on Friday at 9 pm. We expect to be in the Valley Room in the Fairmont Hotel (second floor, between Panels 3 and Panels 4). This two hour fan event will cover, not just one, but two kinds of wotagei:

  • Concert wotagei:
    Japanese-style concert cheering -- movements with or without glowsticks, yells (calls, MIXes) and other "concert manners" -- appropriate for anything from street performances and small clubs to big stadium idol and anime song concerts (AKB48, Animelo Summer Live, ...). http://youtu.be/AW_Op9pW4j0 is a quick starting lesson.
  • Street/Freestyle wotagei:
    Wotagei for making cool dance videos to anime/idol/... songs for posting on Youtube, etc. with glowsticks and more difficult moves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX_ebL8O8kY is an example video with groups from the US, Mexico and (mostly) Indonesia. The "U.S. Team" part by our group starts around 2:36, and these local guys will be showing off some of their fancy moves to a couple songs in addition to teaching.
Our official fan event listing: http://www.fanime.com/panels/fan-event-listing/#150

Wearing loose and comfortable clothing, bringing water, and generally being prepared to wave your arms and yell is encouraged.

Between scheduled performances at Stage Zero and random performances at Fanimaid Cafe, Karaoke or just somewhere with a boombox, there'll be plenty of opportunities to try out what you learned at FanimeCon.  It is our greatest hope that you'll join us in "beating out some wotagei" after the workshop.