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Started by otakuya, May 21, 2014, 12:32:04 AM

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This year I plan to buy Pokemon plushies (mainly a Sylveon or Eevee), a new Pokemon TCG starter deck, some video games, and decals from artists alley.

What's on your shopping list?


One Piece figures, Kamen Rider stuffs (probably OOO), video games, and maybe some Gundam kits.

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Evangelion Revoltech. Fate merchandise. Touhou merchandise.
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iM@S merch, Persona 3 merch (especially if someone is selling the official Evoker that also works as a water gun), maybe some Miku merch


If I find a Jojo or Tekken figure, I might go for that too.

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If I can find them: Music cds, shitajiki, and specific (cosplay) wigs.
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I'm hoping to find a Totoro plush the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. Japanese markers. Strange small toys. Stickers. Candy. Hopefully a nice mug. If anyone has any cameras or film I'll be checking that out for sure too. I've never actually browsed the Dealer Room too thoroughly at any of the previous cons.


Hopefully some better Valve stuff, but i wont be surprised if they don't have anything new there.

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Im hoping to snag some KanColle stuff if possible.

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I want touhou stuff, something plushie and a new pocket watch


I really hope Sanshee has a booth in the Dealer's Hall so I can get some cool Dragon Age stuff. Besides that, I'll be on the look out for art prints and posters for Steven Universe, LOK, Dragon Age, and Persona from the Artist's Alley :)

Also in the market for a nice cinch bag, but sadly I haven't come across any I like in the last year.


Going to continue on my never ending hunt for Ojamajo Doremi merch; also hoping to pick up a couple Go! Princess PreCure things; and matching DanganRonpa Sonia and Gundam things from AA for myself and the boyfriend
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I finally got a Jet Jaguar figure last year (among tons of other stuff) so this year I think the only thing I'm specifically looking to buy is an Ultraseven around the same scale.  Sure I'll buy tons more but that's the specific one.
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atleast one statue. Some Car decals... and some anime series. Probably Future Diary since Death Parade and Tokyo Ghoul don't have blu-rays with dub yet.
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Theres one Panty figure I want, finish my kill la kill rubber strap collection and a few older anime dvds but ill probably find those in swap meet. Other than that if they have any death parade stuff, which I doubt, then I'll be picking that stuff up as well!
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Always splurging on YuGiOh cards and packs.  I've yet to find any HOTD figures, but am always hopeful...


I'm late for the party of Steins Gate but I'm gonna look for any scraps. XD


Always gotta get me some SharkRobot, for starters.  3 shirts for $50, as a 4-5XL guy, is a steal!

Besides that, I'm going to be on the lookout for Monster Hunter Merch, specifically some more plushies.  I really want a Lagiacrus and Gore Magala to go with my Azure Rathalos and Brachydios.


Anything Yugioh merch and art, HunterXHunter merch and art, sheep plushies, steven universe merch and art, accessories like bows and hair stars, and unusual yet interesting things~ Hope to see a lot of good stuff this year!
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Just basically getting a shit ton of danganronpa stuff and pins!
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