SO OVERWHELMED (help me+++)

Started by taylorkitty, May 21, 2014, 08:25:53 PM

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this is my first year at a con and i'm pretty overwhelmed/confused and not completely sure what to expect. i'm 17 y/o girl aaand i am not sure where to start as far as planning/packing goes.

can anyone give me some tips for the con? i'm going friday-sunday
please and thank u !


Start reading the topics on the forums. They will eventually help u in ur time of despair. :-)
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First relax, try to be at Fanime as early as possible.  the only thing to worry about is parking. Your going to have to pay unfortunately. There are many parking lots/garages within 3 blocks.

Most allow overnight parking but on average it's $25 a day. If your staying at a hotel then it maybe discounted but depends if they have room. Kind of a first come, first served deal. The further away you get from the convention center the lower the price.

As for packing, anything with wheels makes things soooooo much better.
If you take the time to dig through these threads you'll find all shorts of advice.
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You should try to get in line as soon as possible Friday for your badge because you will likely be waiting in line for many hours. There are a lot of options for food around the convention center, even inexpensive stuff like McDonald's. However if your hotel room has a fridge and microwave I recommend bringing food since it'll probably be cheaper that way. Make sure you have a picture ID so you can pick up your badge without hassle, and make sure you have cash before you leave because the ATMs around Fanime will charge a nasty fee for withdrawals. If you're planning to be outside a lot bring sunscreen. Make sure to dress pretty warm since it'll be hot this weekend, but bring warmer pajamas, and possibly your own blanket depending on your hotel, because it does get pretty cold at night over there. Definitely print your badge confirmation. Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking a LOT. Bring a plastic bag for dirty laundry. If you plan to shop a lot in dealer's hall, bring an empty bag to fill it with your souvenirs. If you're cosplaying, bring super glue so that you can quickly fix any breaks on props/costumes. Of course you'll need toiletries and such as well. Along with food, having a snack to walk around with is always nice, like a box of Cheez Its or something. Camera! It's always fun to take pics of people's cosplays. Cell phone and charger. This is just off the top of my head. There's no reason to be overwhelmed really, but I understand your concern. My first year of Fanime was overwhelming too. I was worried about forgetting things or being overwhelmed once I arrived at the con. But the con is fun even if you don't have a super strict itinerary planned for every day. Browsing artists alley, dealers hall, going to panels, playing in gaming hall, going to the dance at night, it's all so much fun...there's so much to do that you won't know where to start but as you get through each day you'll see that it's pretty much like clockwork; wake up, get ready, go to the convention center and figure out what to do next, go to hotel and sleep, wake up and repeat. There's not a lot you need other than necessities, food, and a camera.


No clue about rules for posting links in the forums, but there's a helpful guide I found online for those new to con-going. It may be helpful to you too:

The key though is to make sure you stay safe, healthy, and have fun. Make sure you get plenty of rest, eat at regular intervals, and drink plenty of water. If you're unsure about what to expect, stick with friends. Those are a couple tips.

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This thread from 2012 has some pretty good basics on what to bring/expect, too.
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