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Interactive Program Scheduler

Status: 2022: Initial data imported @5/22 6PM, no video schedule yet, daily re-imports each morning


* Mark individual events as things you want to see, or maybe want to see with a single click/tap to toggle through grey/yellow/green color coding
* Don't know what anime this is?  Click the ? icon to Google search the title
* Filter Schedule by Live/Video/Dance/etc
* Log in and save your schedule on one device, then view and edit it on another (e.g. your phone at the con)
* Works even when offline (assuming you loaded the page while you had an internet connection before getting in to the overcrowded airwaves of the con), saves your changes when next online.
So, in some previous years Fanime has had an online program schedule (YAY for the resurrection of the grid schedule, and raw data access, thanks!), and I've generally found it really handy to tweak it to a color-coded schedule of what I may want to see that I can pull up on my phone.  So, back in 2013 I spent a couple hours and put together one.

Anyway, if you're interested in using this, let me know on the forums here, or get in contact with me, or just start using it =)

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See you at the con!

the otaku god:
we did one too this year

That one is not interactive, or even HTML, sadly.  Last year there was one on which was not bad, although entirely under-advertised so almost no one knew it existed ^_^.  However, it does look like now has a lot of the live programming schedule, so I should be able to get that pulled into the interactive schedule tonight, great!


--- Quote from: Jimbly on May 21, 2014, 10:39:56 PM ---Interactive Program Schedule

--- End quote ---

That looks great! Thanks for putting this out there.


--- Quote from: Jimbly on May 22, 2014, 02:06:11 PM ---That one is not interactive, or even HTML, sadly.

--- End quote ---

Sorry if I sounded negative - outside of the context of an interactive program schedule, that one is actually quite useful (and exactly the format I used to print out, and mark up with a highlighter to keep track of what I wanted to see, before the days in which we all have supercomputers in our pockets ; ).


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