Missed Connections 2014???

Started by mikasa-san, May 22, 2014, 06:20:25 PM

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Is this thread up yet? Lol just wondering. Post your 2014 Fanime Missed Connections!

To the Super Mario cosplayers ahead of my friend and I at the con. Oh hai friendz! *waves*
Poland (for Gong Show)


I'm an Asuka cosplayer looking for a Rei! We had a photoshoot together and she was super nice but I forgot to ask if she had a Facebook or something. She was dressed in Rei's racing outfit, I was swimsuit Asuka.


that girl with the purple shirt that smiled at me...we talked...i forgot to get your number since you had a good time hanging out with me......>:(


To all of the gals I danced with at the Black and White ball, thanks for the lovely dances!  I was wearing black and white.  Maybe that's not detailed enough...  I was in a tux, top hat, and bow tie, with black and white pocket square.  A special shout-out to the one gal who remembered my name from last year, always a pleasure to dance with you and I remember you too (though forgot your name, I'm horrible with names).  Hope to dance again!


Guy from speed dating on sunday from 4 to 6 you were #21 the first group that went in,i believe you had a cane with you. i thought you were really cool pm me please


We were discussing Godzilla in the dealers room on Friday. You were dressed as Luffy from One Piece and you knew how to pronounce "Gigan" correctly. I wish we had talked more!

Moetic Justice

Everyone I danced with Sunday night from 2:00-4:00 in the room with the Ryuuko cosplayer DJ. I was the guy in the Meat Boy shirt. You are all awesome people.


Funny, I was just about to post about anyone that danced during my set immediately before that one. Everyone cleared out before I was able to pack up, walk outside and meet people :(.

So yeah, I played UK/Happy Hardcore on Sunday (Day 3) in 231 from midnight to 2AM. Every last one of you that came by made my night, it was super fun. One of you in particular were singing along with pretty much every single non-instrumental track I was playing. To you, and the rest of you that survived 175BPM of madness for nearly two hours are all the awesomest people. And I would love to be able to say hi. Message buttons <--- over there.

Also, if you read this, hi John. It was nice of you to come into the room while I was playing your request from the night before!

Super Crispy

Hey, to the Sayaka (from Dangan Ronpa) I met in the gaming hall a few times, I was the Kirito by the PC gaming. Forgot to ask for your contact info, thought your cosplay was great!


There are a few peeps I wish I had gotten contact info from! I'm the Vincent Brooks cosplayer (both Daytime and Nightmare) with the real ram horns, and I also worked Yaoi Bingo as a bishie. Also, I was the Marshall Lee lounging in a tree pre and post Adventure Time Gathering.

1. The Fionna who wanted a selfie with me (Marshall Lee) after the Adventure Time Gathering. You seemed funny and adorable, but we didn't have a chance to chat.
2. Battle damaged Finn and Jake, I think I accidentally erased your contact info before I saved it. X_X You were fun to chat with and I'd love to coordinate future AT cosplays. :)


To the only Rise Kujikawa at the con: thank you for cosplaying as best girl.  I wasn't able to a picture with you, but props for being the one.


To the guy with the dapper/utility vest: sorry I freaked out over the phonecharm my friend gave me, I'd much rather have your phone number. ;) I was the girl behind the artist alley booth wearing black on Monday. PM me
(member of Obscure Tomatoes Cosplay group)


To that pajama-version Ryuko who said I was cute (Asian dude with red hair): Sorry that I didn't reply or say thanks; I was too flustered by your compliment and in a rush to meet a friend. I felt really bad and I tried to find you again to hand you my card, but I wasn't sure which pajama Ryuko you were ... there were so many @@


The Ymir from the Attack on Titan meet. We talk about how short I was. Just wondering if you are around here. Also the two people who was wearing the  kigurumi masks. PLEASE PLEASE let me know who you are!
(Me = Genderbent Mikasa)


To "Chest-Hair"

We were in a rush and i wanna do CTA/CTH with you next year, if you read this send me a message before next fanime. lol


To the other Noctis (with the last name Moreno) I was talking to hopefully I'll find you at Anime Expo! Also, I can't you on facebook at all xD.


I'm doing this for a friend. He saw you playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 by yourself late Sunday/early Monday so he came up to you and started playing with you. He didn't realize you were hearing impaired at first. When you were about to put in more quarters, he was like, "it's okay, I got it," and he put in his own quarters. You hung out with him and a few people from my group for a couple hours and then you two somehow got separated. You two never exchanged numbers. He really really liked you. Message me (with proof!) and I'll give you his number. :)

On another note, and there was a GLaDOS walking around the Artists' Alley that I got a picture with. Your friend photobombed the picture and I didn't realize until waaaay later. Just gotta say, that was real awesome. :P


Your name was Claire (not sure of the spelling) and I was cosplaying as Clare. We ran into each other a couple times and chatted briefly. You seemed like a cool person to hang out with.


we walked by and could not stop staring at each other at the halls of the convention center.
later on i was in the gamers room (at one of the dancing games) and you were just next to me and my group of friends.
you were wearing leather shorts, white shirt, glasses, and suspenders. i was wearing pikachu ears and had glasses on.
i thought you were really really pretty, but never got to talk to you. i should have asked for your number but i was too shy, which i regret soooo much... and now im here, trying to get lucky and see if you read this msg.


To the girl dressed as Artemia from Bravely Default on Saturday, I thought you were incredibly cute and fun and I wish I got a chance to talk to you. Loved the random photos you let me take lol I was dressed as Yu Narukami from Persona :)