Can I use my iPhone to show my E-Postcard?

Started by Kupo, May 22, 2014, 10:34:44 PM

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Sorry if this is super last minute. Classic college/school problem of "printer not working when it is needed most" happened.

In my past years of Fanime, I'd always print out my receipt/email and along with my ID, got my badge as needed. I was wondering if I could show my e-postcard from my iPhone and show my ID along with it? I've seen others in other cons do it, but I'm not sure how the policy is for Fanime.

In the event that it doesn't scan for some reason, would they be able to enter those random letters and numbers on top of the QR Code in order to "activate" my ticket?


I would think so since it says to bring this E post card.  To me that implies you don't have to print it out.


You may use your iPhone but please turn up the brightness all the way. You will also need your valid photo ID.
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