Pricing Discrepancy for Friday Badge Reg Online

Started by elly, May 23, 2014, 12:44:55 AM

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Currently when you log into the system has these prices posted:

Full Weekend: $75
Friday: $45
Saturday $50
Sunday $50
Monday $40
Half Weekend (Sunday and Monday): $65
Child (10 and under): Free w/ paid adult membership*

Yet when you click register now to choose available badges, Friday shows at $55.

I want to purchase a badge for Friday online however I was expecting to pay $45 for the last few months.


The price has been adjusted to $45 and we are now manually processing $10 refunds for anyone who paid $55.
Please be patient for your refund if you have paid.

If you have any questions please email registrationATfanimeDOTcom

Sorry for the error and confusion!

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