Home Made Kazoku - Thanks Fanime!

Started by Freeden, May 26, 2014, 02:06:29 AM

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I just wanted to say thank you Fanime for holding one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I had been looking forward to possibly seeing Home Made at some point in my life, but that was seriously one of the best concerts I've ever had the pleasure of attending. Home Made was awesome and they seemed to genuinely enjoy their time at the con and watching them interact with the audience was great. The attitude felt like it carried over into the autograph session and pictures as well. If you can, please bring them back again like you did with Flow. Maybe not next year, but some other con in the future. That would be amazing!


I agree! Thanks Fanime for bringing them here! ;D. Anyone  know where I can find that big photo that home made kazoku took at the end of the concert would you?


^It's on their FB: https://ja-jp.facebook.com/HomeMadeKazokuOfficial/photos/a.585432268181748.1073741825.263203437071301/732379260153714/?type=1&theater

I have never been to Music Fest previously (not even when Flow showed up), so this was my first one and I had a blast. Sat up in the middle balcony and wished I was on the lower level since I was dancing in my seat and singing along, especially for the anime tracks which I knew (Shounen Heart, Freedom, Thank You), although the balcony also tends to be more subdued than the lower level. Stuck around for the encore when HMKU performed Thank You - so worth it and for all the people who didn't keep the faith and left early, too bad! :P
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