2014's "Did you take my picture?" thread

Started by Kyonluver, May 26, 2014, 09:17:52 AM

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As this year's Fanime winds down on its final day, lets give a shout out to all the cosplay photographers, both casual and professional.

This thread is for cosplayers to ask your fellow fanime congoers for any photos they might have taken of you at Fanime 2014.
To do so, please list the following in your posts:
Character you cosplayed
What series he/she/it is from
What day(s) you wore it
Reference picture of costume/character [please keep images small or post a link] (Optional)

For those of you responding with photos,
please post links to them or pm the individuals looking for their cosplay(s) directly. :) Posting a link to a collective album is more welcome as well.

Enjoy the rest of the con and share your photos!

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For all days of the con I was a Reese from Animal Crossing New Leaf with a Cyrus in tow.
Cyrus had a light blue wig styled up and I had a short pink wig with pink fluffy bloomers & black tights on.

Will edit later and post a reference picture of us.

Thank you all ahead of time. :)

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Hello there! If anyone photographed me let me know. Friday I was cosplaying Revy from Black Lagoon with two custom handgun props.

Saturday and Sunday I was in different variations of my "Poland" cosplay with the large Polish flag and off and on a V for Vendetta mask. I will post logos later with all the photos I took in addition a video of most of the Gong Show.
Poland (for Gong Show)


Hihi, I'm just curious to see if anyone got me
:) pm me or email me at [email protected] if you did.

Friday I was ichigo (formal) from bleach with a Uryu
Saturday I was Zack fair (formal) from FF7 with a Cloud Strife
Saturday I was axel (formal) from kingdom hearts with a roxas
Sunday I was light Yagami from death note with an L
Monday I was/am Princely Nekozawa from Ouran High School Host Club with a regular nekozawa.
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Hey all :)

Friday night, Saturday morning, and All day sunday I was Elsa (http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/a334829/)
Saturday during the day/evening I was wartortle from pokemon (the one wearing fishnet sleeves)

If you snapped me, PM please or post a link!  Thank you so much!!!!!
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On Friday I was Taizo Hori / Dig Dug from the video games Dig Dug / Dig Dug II / Dig Dug Arrangement / Mr. Driller G / Namco X Capcom.  My girlfriend was also with me as Masuyo "Kissy" Tobi from the classic arcade game Baraduke and the Mr. Driller series.  In the evening she had a baby Susumu Hori (Mr. Driller) with her.  If you took a picture of the guy with the big red drill, that was me.

On Sunday I was Taizo Hori / Dig Dug once again and was carrying my P3 All-Purpose Subterranean Demolition and Defense Drill until around 3pm when I traded it out for a plush Pooka enemy from the Dig Dug games.

Here we are via CosplayInAmerica on Friday evening before the Old School gathering - http://instagram.com/p/oW-vXRSEZb/#

If you caught me at Fanime please PM me, post the photo, or post a link.  Thank you very much for a great con!
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Thursday: Blonde schoolgirl (only took one photo)
Friday: Wind Whistler// My Little Pony (Pale blue fleece outfit, pink wig)
Saturday: Joltik// Pokemon (Bright yellow outfit with blue glasses and blue goggles), Leeloo Dallas// 5th Element (White bandage version)
Sunday: Wind Whistler// My Little Pony (Pale blue fleece outfit, pink wig)

Thank you. :)

Sleepy Nemu

I had a simple line up of costumes this year. My main one was a custom faun outfit I sported.

Friday: Faun, Pikachu Kiri
Saturday: Faun, Pikachu Kiri, Marshall Lee, Maid Outfit [Silver, long curly wig]
Sunday: Faun [Again, ahaha], Pikachu Kiri

Picture link to the faun outfit:

Saturday two of my buddies also worked their faun outfits and we were doing a shoot. :D So if you have any of them send it my way please!
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Durarara!! - Celty


^_^ Anyone got my picture or me with my friends?


Thursday: Stocking ( Sailor Suit Ver.) - Panty and Stocking
Friday: Yuno Gasai (School uniform) - Future Diary
Saturday: Eevee (I had massive ears and tail and a fluffy capelet) - Pokemon, Heartless (mascot Outfit) - Kingdom Hearts, Hinata Hyuuga - Naruto Shippuden
Sunday: Alice (Ballgown Ver.) Heart no Kuni no alice

Also, I forgot what day, but me and my friend were doing Rin and Len from Daughter of evil! Any pictures wuld be ADORED!

Also, any Pokemon Gathering pictures, Wonderland Gathering pictures, or Future Diary gathering pictures would be loved!!
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I only had one cosplay, since this year was the first time I made something from scratch. I actually rushed and was unable to finish the leg wiring :( Still, I would really appreciate any photos anyone took because I wasn't able to get a camera this year and the memories were fun.

Friday night, all of Saturday, and Sunday for the cosplay gathering, I was Houka Inumuta from Kill La Kill.

Here's a photo of me in the costume if it would help.


Character you cosplayed
What series he/she/it is from
What day(s) you wore it
Reference picture of costume/character [please keep images small or post a link] (Optional)
Hi there!

Friday I was Ceil Phantomhive from Black Butler, wearing his green outfit with a black top hat and a cane.
Saturday I was Ciel again in the morning, and then Castiel from Supernatural with the addition of top hat and cane, and finally Enjolras from Les Miserables. Enjolras was red vest with gold rope and buttons on the front of it with a white shirt and a badly tied black tie and a big red flag.
Sunday I was Ciel in the morning and then Nepeta Lejion from Homestuck. Green coat, felt blue hat, horns, face and hands painted grey, felt blue cat tail, black jeans, black boots and much shorter hair than Nepeta is normally seen with.
Monday I was Enjolras again.

PM me if you have pictures!


Hi all!

I cosplayed multiple days as these characters but here we go:
Female!Castiel - I had small feather wings on my coat. I got the pictures from slickpic from the SuperWhoLock gathering already :)
Osgood from Doctor Who- I carried around a red inhaler. Had the scarf on
Cryaotic- Bloodytrapland version. all green, blood splatter. I was walking around with someone dressed as Pewdiepie
Ariel: I wore her for the Black and White ball. sparkly seafoam dress.

Please PM me if you have pictures. Thank you!

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Hey! I'd like to scrounge up any available pics of my big ol' mug out there.

On Friday and Saturday, I dressed up as Little Mac from Punch-Out!!.

It was this version of the character. (Except, unlike any of the other Little Macs I saw out there, I had facial hair.)



Posting for me and my bro - I think I'm doing the links weird but I guess it's good enough.

Friday: November 11 & Brita [Darker Than Black]

Saturday: Ozpin [RWBY] & Decus [Tales of Symphonia: DotNW]

Sunday: Prince Maximilian & Selvaria Bles [Valkyria Chronicles], later Maximilian became Ozpin again because heat.

Thanks to all the photographers who took our picture!


Hello! I dressed as Moogle for Sat/Mon and Natsuki for Sun.

Final Fantasy Series
Saturday and Monday
Click for reference

Natsuki Shinohara
Summer Wars
Click for reference


Hi. I cosplayed as poison ivy most of Sunday and early Monday morning. I was sometimes seen with animated series Harley quinn, joker, and bane.
Reference pic: http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x121/Akera_Desta/Mobile%20Uploads/image.jpg


Hello! So my friends and I dressed up as league characters, Kitty Katarina, Garen, Nightblade Irelia (me) and my bf was Debonair Jayce

http://imgur.com/vpL9NQA (2 on the right)
http://imgur.com/8uOre1o Irelia and Jayce (2 on the left)

They cosplayed all 3 days while we mostly cosplayed on Saturday and Sunday. Have some pictures of the league meet on slick pic already


Hi guys! If you have pictures of me or me with a Kirito I would really appreciate if you please send them to me.

I dressed as Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online on Friday. I was often seen with a tall Kirito.
Ref. Image (I'm on the left): http://mikaalamode.deviantart.com/art/Meet-Again-456687416