Money Spent on Items (Fanime 2014 Edition)

Started by limDsage, May 27, 2014, 01:14:08 AM

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Just to get a fresh start!

So far I've spent

$50 for a MGS: Peace Walker Snake/Big Boss Revoltech figure
$30 for a Kamen Rider CycloneJoker figure
$15 for an Okami artwork
$3 for a Waka (Okami) mini print
$50 for three shirts

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In the dealers' hall, just $50 for two shirts.
I've gotten really picky about figures which is probably a good thing haha.


I'm a sucker for polos and hats, and FanimeCon was selling 20th anniversary polos and hats. Dropped a good $50 for both of those.
The rest went to buttons, vinyls, an a badge commission over at AA for $30.


$20 Street Fighter Shirt
$20 Mega Man x Daft Punk Shirt
$12 Orange Fox Plush
$15 Pokemon Plush
$35 Street Fighter x Sanrio Backpack
$40 2x Dragon Ball Z Scouters
$12 Street Fighter and Mega Man Keychains
$15 Marvel x Tokidoki Wallet
$05 Attack on Titan Sweatband
$10 Kirby Plush
$05 Disney Mickey Gloves
$15 PC Game: Nidhogg (Technically not Fanime)

Not including food, hotel, cosplay, beverages, parking, etc lol


I have good self-restraint, so in the dealers hall I only bought a Pokemon plush and a mini Danbo figure for about 38$ total? I surprisingly didn't buy anything in the AA because it was SO crowded and cramped in there that I got too annoyed trying to see any of the booths/get through all the masses of people, so I ended up giving up without getting a good look at everything, ugh. >_< I spent another 30$ or so at the swap meet on random stuff!

Most of my fun money went towards shoving as much food in my face as was humanly possible at all the great restaurants around town.


^That would normally be me too, but I went overboard this year, particularly in AA, which, believe it or not, I have never bought from before or seriously spent time in. Now how to store all those prints, since they won't be up on my walls. :P I only bought food twice and got by on granola bars and fruit otherwise. ;D

20 - Asuka/Eva-02 print by James Ghio/Jimboox
1 - Eva notebook
15 - 5 Viz Eva mangas in comic book format
3 - Eva-01 UFO catcher
2 - Asuka and Rei gashapon
2 - Eva vol. 8 in Japanese
3 - Ranma phone cards
8 - Bleach shitajiki
10 - Naruto art book

60 - Asuka commission by Jimbobox

20 - 2 prints by Siyuan Zhou
40 - 3 prints by Lisha Lee
56 - 3 Eva posters, 1 gashapon, and a Urotsukidoji poster from Nikaku Animart
20 - Asuka shirt from Slolita
80 - 5 prints by Yanimator Illustration
13 - Attack on Titan print by Sakimichan
FanimeCon '97, 2K, 2005, '09-
Evangelion Virtual Museum


From the dealer's hall
$20 - Mikasa Ackerman poster (Attack on Titan)
$24 - Attack on Titan t-shirt

From AA
$15 - Mikasa Ackerman art print
$25 - Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin art print (Kill La Kill)
$20 - Attack on Titan and Elsa art print
= $104 in merchandise

All the art prints and poster were 11x17

Spent around $50 for food